My Appt Today... A Little Weird?

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My Appt Today... A Little Weird?

This morning I had my monthly prenatal appointment. Blood pressure is good, their scale said I gained 2lbs, but when I weighed myself at home maybe 15 mins earlier mine still said I was the same weight as last month. Who knows, but I'm still down a few lbs from when I first got pregnant.

Then we got into my u/s results from last week. Remember when I had my early u/s because I was having those pains that we've determined to be round ligament pains? Well that u/s said I was 9 weeks, 1 day along, and not the 10 weeks I was based on LMP. She told me that last weeks u/s has me at my EDD being September 21st... which matches my LMP exactly. Doesn't seem so weird, does it? Well here's where it gets weird. She gave me a copy of the u/s report and it says Exam - Earliest 16.8 weeks, EDD Sept. 28th (this matches up with me ovulating a week late... anyone remember me saying that hubby and I both suspect it, and even the clear blue digital conception test I took said the same thing... 2-3 weeks pregnant which put me right at that week later than I should have ovulated). Then under that it has Current: 17.9 weeks, EDD the 21st, and under that my LMP which states the same thing as Current.

At the very bottom it shows a little chart as to all the u/s's I've had and the results, it says this:

Gestational Age Analysis based on GA by first study = 16.8 weeks (that would have been last week).

Study - Date
1. 02/24/11 - EST. GA (weeks) 9weeks 1 day
2. 04/19/11 - EST GA (weeks) 16 weeks, 8 days.

Now, I asked what the earliest part above meant and she said that's just what the earliest showed, however the Dr will go by the 18 week u/s results which shows that my due date is the 21st. Does anyone else think there's been some sort of mix up in the report? Oh, and we were loking at the estimated fetal weight and it shows 0lbs 7ozs, which according to a chart I found online, matches up exactly to my 18 weeks that my ticker says I am (based on the early u/s I had). It's all showing that my due date is the 28th however they have me as matching up to my LMP, which both hubby and I agreed seems way wrong. I can scan and bloop out personal details on the report if anyone would like to look at it, but I seriously think that it should say the 28th, not the 21st.

OH and I also found the report a bit offensive. It has a section called report comments and it says that it "was a technically difficult exam due to maternal obesity" :eek: WTF!? Yes, I'm overweight, yes, I admit it, but omg, what a horrible thing to put, especially since the stupid woman said that baby was co-operating and she was just flying through getting the measurements etc. She had a bit of troubles getting some measurement/pic because she said I was a bit too full and had to pee a bit, but holy crap, that's offensive and totally not right!

Anyways, the rest of my appt was alright. She measured my belly and if you go by the later due date, I'm measuring 3 weeks big, or 2 based on the 21st due date. She found the baby pretty quickly and the HB was 158 then the little bugger moved and the next time she found it she said it was 147/148 not sure if that's very accurate cause she had to keep moving the wand, but the 158 was nice and strong and loud, where the other was kinda muffled kwim.

So, what do you ladies think of the u/s report? Hubby said we should definately go with the 28th because then when the 21st arrived and if there's still no baby at least we're not saying holy crap I'm now past due etc. Seems better to me to go that way but the Nurse Practitioner is always gonna talk to me as if I'm that week ahead and do things possibly a week sooner "RH Shot etc". She's the one in charge but ugh, I'm almost wishing that I never had the early u/s or took that clear blue test at least I couldn't say "WELLLL all these things say 28th" kwim.

Why do things have to be more complicated than they should be? :shrug:

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Wow that was confusing. I agree I would go with the 28. Go with your gut instinct. I think us women know many times more then the doctors. Like your husband said if you don't have the baby by the 21 you won't be worried.

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I agree, go with your gut instinct. But then again, the difference is only a week between the two, so it's really not that big of a deal once you're term.

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I agree, show them everything. I would go with your gut on this one. That's nearly a weeks difference which makes a huge difference when it comes to birth if you happen to go to 40 weeks (at which point they'd consider you a week overdue and might be pushing for induction) or even if you go into early labor and they think you are a week further. I know they won't try and stop labor at 35 weeks at my hospital...but if you are really only 34 that can make a huge difference in maturity.
I know they have me due at the 21st right now (which is what my ticker is) but I know there's just no way I could be due after the 17th (Dec. 25 was the very last day we DTD before I found out I was pregnant Lol plus I remember noticing fertile cm the 24/25) so I'm hoping my anatomy scan will give us a more accurate due date, with my history of going early I want as accurate as possible.

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Yeah, I don't recall having any slimyness etc the week I was supposed to ovulate, but I do sorta remember being a bit slimy the week after, which to us, would signify I ovulated a week late. That was the week BEFORE my period was due, and when my period never showed, I took a preg test, which was negative. Then, I took another preg. test at the same time I took one with Hailey *x amount days late.. at least I think it was around the same time frame I'd have to check the preg. tests lol* and it was a super FAINT line, where as with Hailey's it was a nice dark, no mistaking it line. Waited a week till I could buy some proper tests and took another dollar store test to compare to the first, THEN I had a First Response, THEN I had the Clear Blue Conception Detection test just because it gives me a window as to when conception took place. That was at the END of the week, so that week i took that was already over, so that was week 1. Go back another 2 weeks and it put me right at that "I ovulated a week late" week. If my 9 week u/s didn't give me a date of Sept. 28th which matches up to ovulating and conceiving a week later than 'scheduled', I wouldn't be fussing about it, but since that one gives us that info, I'm really thinking that something isn't right with the current u/s results.

Plus the chart I looked up for weights around the 17 week mark said just under 7ozs, and this baby was estimated at weighing 7ozs last week, which matches GA. SIGH. Things like this I like to have the MOST accurate info and I hate even if at some point I get told vital details late. With Heather the Dr forgot all about telling me my revised due date... she was due Dec. 10th based on LMP, u/s said Dec. 14th, and that info was told to us at the END... like 2 weeks before I had her. Hubby and I had been gearing up for the 10th lol. I know that was only a 4 day difference, but when you're VERY pregnant and at the end, you don't wanna hear you have at least an (almost) week to go still.

I also agree with the whole a week can make a huge difference if you go early. Due to some other things that went on, Hailey came 3 weeks early and after she was born I struggled with that fact for a VERY long time, because at some point I COULD have stopped the delivery, but due to lots of pain (pelvic) etc I just said get her out and thought of MYSELF.

Ok I'm rambling but you get the point. I wonder if I should bring up my concerns and request another u/s? I wonder if they would issue it, because I really don't like it, and hubby just said, the measurements of last weeks u/s are still matching the due date of the 28th.

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I would always, always request (or demand, if it came to that) to go with the later due date. It just gives you a lot more options, as far as not being pushed into an induction too soon. A week is a very big difference. And let's remember, that despite doctors putting a lot of faith in them, ultrasounds are not perfect. Every time I've ever had one, the technician has told me that as far as dating goes, it's just an estimate, they can't tell exactly. At my dating ultrasound with this one, the tech said the dating from the scan could be off by up to four days or so. I'm also surprised that they would go with the due date from you later scan because the early scans tend to be more accurate for dating than the later ones (although they're not perfect either). If it's bothering you, I would talk to your doctor about it, and insist on going with the later due date if that's the one you feel is accurate.

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Yeah it's really weird, I dunno what to do. :confused:. I just dug up my preg. tests from THIS pregnancy and compared with Haileys, and both clear blue's said 2-3 weeks. This one's clear blue was taken 2 days LATER than Haileys - hers was when my period was 6 days late, and this one was taken at 8 days late. It's hard to judge now because I don't remember when in the week I was supposed to O for each, and I know that this one's clear blue test was taken on a Thursday, and I think it was a Saturday for the other, but we all know that it depends on the days as to when it would count as a week gone by.

I still kind of feel it should be the 28th, especially since stuff on the u/s report still shows it. Oh well, maybe I'm over analyzing things and it's just making no sense and I'm rambling looking like a fool lol. I just hate having 2 dates that I guess kind of make sense but we both strongly feel like it should be the 28th. I guess time will tell and this one will come whenever he/she wants. Main thing is, the report came back good and he/she is healthy so that's all that matters. As long as I make it to 37 weeks I guess I'm fine with whatever it may be, it'll just weigh on my brain for a while.

Pregnancy and Dr's, gotta love them. Both are equally confusing and never seem to make much sense. Then you have the baby and forget about everything that never made sense because you realize in the end it never mattered LOL.

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I would go with the later due date. When I was PG with Brandon the OB changed my due date in the 2nd tri. He moved it up two weeks because baby was measuring big. Well the peri never agreed and when I was in the hospital before I had them, after a few more u/s they all agreed the first due date was correct. The difference is only a week but I think it's better to go with the later date anyway. Yay for baby being healthy!!!

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I am sorry it is such a mess. I think you understand what is going on (especially if technology can't get it right). Go with what you feel is best!

It will be interesting to see when this baby comes. Do you typically deliver early or late?

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"ekcanada" wrote:

I am sorry it is such a mess. I think you understand what is going on (especially if technology can't get it right). Go with what you feel is best!

It will be interesting to see when this baby comes. Do you typically deliver early or late?

My first 3 kids were always born within a day or 2 of their due dates... either just before or just after. Hailey was a (horrible) exception to that because I was struck with HORRIBLE pelvic pain with her and could hardly walk when I got up, couldn't roll over in bed without keeping my legs straight and together, if we went shopping and I walked alot, I was in pain for 2 days after. I was also under alot of stress due to other things and when I started contracting steady every 5 mins for 2 hours, I went in and said sure, having this baby sounds good. I SHOULD have said no, I want to stay the night and see what happens and go from there, but I let my own selfishness over the pain get the best of me and allowed her 3 weeks early. I paid for it emotionally big time for a LONG time after she was born, but hubby reminded me that had she gone the next 3 weeks, she would have been bigger and the pain would have been 10x's worse, which I agree, it would have, but me knowing better didn't stop it. I hope to not have a repeat of the early delivery that "I" could have prevented kwim.

That all being said, I asked hubby what we should do, and he said we should just go with the 21st as the date that way we're not all confused etc when it comes time for appts and such, BUT we should remember to keep it in the back of our minds that IF I was to go past the 21st not to worry/panic that it could very well be closer to the 28th. I do agree with that, and I think that's probably best. I'd hate to walk in and say I'm this far along and she writes it on the chart, but according to them I'll be a week farther along, so we'll just go with what the results say, who knows maybe they're right, but I'm not so sure they are lol. I changed my ticker to represent the 21st as a due date so now in a couple days I will officially be at the 20 week mark.

It's kinda confusing but hey, as long as baby is born healthy I guess it doesn't matter how early/late *within reason of course* he/she comes Smile