My appt XP * added twin belly pic*

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My appt XP * added twin belly pic*

SO I had an appt yesterday and US. 1st the US. The girls are etsimated to be over 2.5 lbs each and over 65% on the curve! They are still at 4% growth difference (so that is great)! A is now heads down and B is breech...HR's were in the 150's... they looked great! Now for me. I gained .6 of a lb..WOOT! So I have yet to even hit 30lbs which makes me really happy! My BP was 102/60 (AWESOME)! My cervix is still closed and I dont have any restrictions at this point!!! He and I discussed delivery etc. I will not go past 38 wks or 9/12, but he is doubtful that I will make it that far. I told him that I will carry these babies as long as possible, but that I dont want to go past 38wks! LOL 37 wks sounds ideal to me personally! Biggrin So next Friday AM I am going to do the glucose test and then I see him in 2wks and 4wks(US too) and then I start weekly appts @ 32 wks :eek: along w/ NST! I am just SO happy that this pregnancy seems to be going perfectly, I know that can change on a dime, but for now we are doing GREAT!
This is a bare pic and you can see how large I really am :eek:

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i am SO glad everything is going so well for you and your babies! hopefully it keeps up for ya!

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I am so thrilled you and your babies are doing so well! Sounds like you are right on track, and aiming for a nice set of take home twins! Just listen to your body, and if you think something is up you get it checked out right away.

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So glad everything is going well and yay for big healthy babies!

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What a great appointment!

What are you measuring at? You look really small in belly pictures!

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"ekcanada" wrote:

What a great appointment!

What are you measuring at? You look really small in belly pictures!

He did not measure my fundal height yesterday which I assume is b/c I just had the US mins before. However, 2 wks ago I was measuring 37wks. I have a very long torso and I can tell you that they are in my ribs and in my pelvis... so filling every part possible! I keep telling DH that my upper abd area is getting ready to pop! It is SO tight and when they move OY!

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Yay for a great appointment!!! So glad that everything is looking awesome!

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Perfect appointment! Glad things are going so well!

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Sounds like everything is going really well Erin. I also start weekly appts. w/NSTs at 32 weeks. I can't believe how fast this pg is going.

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Wow! Fabulous appointment! You were clearly meant to be a twin mama!! Smile

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Bumping for a new pic!

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so glad yur appt went well!! and you look great mama!! Biggrin

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I am really happy its going well for you Smile