My dog is acting strange!

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My dog is acting strange!

Especially during the third trimester my dog had been very ornery, not listening and doing a lot of things she shouldn't. But the last couple days she has been all over me. She stares at me (creepy), lays her head on my lap and gives me puppy eyes and just in general wants to be with me.

Anyone else's pet acting funny? I'm hoping I'm putting off hormones that mean the baby is coming soon! Smile

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Mine is doing the same thing! She even folows me into the bathroom and lays in there when I take a bath.....and she HATES the bathroom. Not to mention she keeps trying to sleep in our room, but she snores like a freight train! She did the same thing about this time last pregnancy. i have photos of her sleeping with her head on my giant tummy Smile

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Cute! My female dog would get up in the middle of the night when I went to feed DS during the newborn stage. She wouldn't leave my side when I was nursing!

She was also very worried when we started putting him the the big bath tub. She is a total chicken, so wouldn't actually come in the bathroom, but she would sit at the doorway and whine at me like 'be careful with my baby!!'

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My cat has been acting more affectionate and clingy the whole pg but it sounds like it might be a promising sign for you...

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My cat has been acting real clingy from the moment we brought Thalía home. When I walk out the bedroom he rushes to me and chases my legs.