My dream last nite LOL

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My dream last nite LOL

Ok, so i had a dream last nite that i went into labor. i remember thinking, no its too ealry, my belly isnt that big yet. but i reached down and felt the head full of hair and was like, well,like it or not, here she comes! So i pushed her out with minimal pain cause she was so small and i looked at her and in the dark and saw a she was a blond MONKEY!!! :eek: i laugh at this now, cause its funny. luckily i had my check up today and was told baby u/s results show that the bab is perfect! where do our brains come up with these things????? LOL:ROFL:

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OMG ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!! ROFL :ROFL: Now that is hilarious!! Gotta love those whacky pregnancy dreams!!

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Oh that cracked me up...thank you I needed that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Lol Too funny. I have honestly been surprised at how hairy my newborns have been, I may have lovingly refered to them as a little monkey a time or two Wink Maybe she'll be blonde with a headful of hair....minus the tail Lol

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i did used to call the kids my "monkey babies" when they were little. but sheesh, come on, giving birth to one is a little extreme! i cant wait to go home and tell DH and DD about that one, though this is one dream they will forever hold against me! i had a dream years ago about jumping alligators and my step son STILL reminds me of it! HAHA

Glad i could make you all laugh! Biggrin

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ROFL SOOO funny!!! TFS!! Biggrin

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That is too funny. I have had some pretty bizarre pregnancy dreams, but I think this one wins! Lol!

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Haha, that's pretty funny. Crazy pregnancy dreams...