My follow up appointment for bleeding

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My follow up appointment for bleeding

My doctor is not concerned. The bleeding/spotting is still there but it hasn't increased and I don't get it every day. The BH although frequent and annoying are consistent and haven't increased any more. I haven't had any back ache or abdominal pain since Thursday last week.

It is a partial placental detachment. In my case it is non-consequential and I should be able to go to term. The bleeding will probably last the rest of my pregnancy but I should only be concerned if it increases. She did warn me to have a very low tolerance about what brings me into L&D however.

I am so happy to know what is going on (such a load off my mind) and feel great today. She did say if I start to feel really crappy, she will pull me from work.

I love my doctor, she always treats me like the most important person in the world.

Thanks for reading and the support!

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Glad to hear your doctor isn't too concerned and you should still be able to carry to term. Make sure to take it easy.

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So glad to hear this!

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So glad to hear that your doctor doesn't think it will cause any problems- that is awesome! And it must be nice just to know for sure what is going on. That is great that you're feeling so good today! Take care of yourself and that little one!

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So glad you got some good news today!

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Great news! Take it easy though, a placental detachment can be serious. Glad it sounds like your doc has it all under control!

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Glad to hear everything is fine and your doctor isn't too concerned about it. I'm in a similar situation and I find on days when I just do to much and don't take the time to relax for a few minutes and put my feet up a few times throughout the day, that's when the bleeding is worse. So rest up and take it easy! KUP

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I'm glad your Dr. put your mind at ease and helped you feel better about the situation. Take it easy though girl!!!!