My Labor Day Baby :)

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My Labor Day Baby :)

A week before Logan was born I could tell he was going to come soon, I just knew it, but didn't know when! Oh thee suspense! I was hoping he'd come the Saturday before Labor Day, but little man had other plans. Smile

It was 4am, I was asleep, and was awoken by a small cramp. I suppose it was the mama intuition that told me "this was it" because I’ve had contractions the last week and they never progressed in to labor. So then I thought "ok..if I get one more I’ll start timing them". 10 minutes later, another contraction. So I timed them, for an hour and a half, from 4am-5am they were every 10 minutes. I took a shower, drank water, walked around, and then about 5am they started every 5 minutes.

I woke Will up and told him we better get going. Something told me to hurry up and get to the hospital. With Raiden and Gabe's labor, I walked around the house for 4-5 hours before we went to the hospital. (and their labors lasted 12-13hrs)

I woke my gram up to watch the boys, they were still asleep, I knew they probably wouldn't be awake until 8am. Will drove us to the gas station and got me some doughnuts because I was starving and I knew that once you're in the hospital, you can't eat for awhile.

When he was in the gas station the contractions really started to kick my butt. I'm like omg come on!! lol So we arrive at the hospital a little after 6am.

Will dropped me off at the door and I went in and sat down in the lobby. Two nice nurses saw me and got me in a wheelchair. We got up to Labor&Delivery and they were kind of lolly gagging so I am saying to Will "They need to HURRY UP" and finally they come in to check me, and I was already 8cm!! (A couple days before, I had a doctor appointment and I was 3cm) I said "OH NO!" because I knew that meant it was probably too late to get an epidural.
I called my sister, and told her that I was defiantly in labor and she went to pick up the boys from my gram, the boys love to stay at her house.
Anyway, so the nurse asked "Do you want an epidural?" I said "yes!" with Raiden & Gabe I had an epidural. This being our third, maybe our last, I had really wanted to try to do natural. But a few weeks prior, I decided I didn't want to disappoint myself if I gave in and got an epidural, so I decided to go ahead and get one.

But once she checked me, she said "I don't think we'll have time for an epidural" I said "WHAT?!" So it seemed like an eternity for them to get me to a birthing room (probably really 5 minutes)
We got up there, they said that it might be possible for epidural but it will take a while because they have to do blood work first. They tried to give me an IV but of course there are always problems with my veins, they are just too small so I had to get pricked over and over all over my arms to get a vein. I kept thinking to myself “Just wait a half hour, Logan” I felt like I had to push but I was trying not to, and the pain was so intense, my midwife came in, it was like a little angel walked in, she’s so sweet.

She told me “Listen, he is coming, you’re not going to get the epidural. You can do this.”

So I admit, I freaked for a second. But I breathed and then just decided to push and within only a couple pushes, he was out. The pain was so surreal but once he came out, the pain instantly went away.

I am so glad in the end that it turned out natural, and I got to experience that. Looking back it wasn’t as bad, but in the moment, it does hurt like a mo fo! Lol The scariest part is when you know the head is out but you’ve still got the shoulders. It’s like omg!! Lol

He was born September 5th at 7:21am. Such a sweet boy. And a BIG one! 8 lbs 13oz. (Raiden was 7lbs 11oz, Gabe was 7lbs 2oz) 19 inches long.

Both Will & I were curious what he looked like, because with Raiden & Gabe we had 4D ultrasounds late in pregnancy, with Logan we only had a 4D early in pregnancy.

Turns out he looks JUST like his daddy. It’s so amazing how genes work.

Anyways, in my “birthing plan” I had told my midwife I wanted to be released as soon as possible. I told them this is my third and I don’t want to be pressured in to taking classes and watching videos on how to be a mom, that’s what riverside did. This time we went to St Anns. The nurses were all super awesome about letting us go, and we were discharged around 11am the next day. [FONT=Wingdings]J[/FONT] It was really nice to be home and see my other boys.

Logan is nursing well, he’s a big boy and has a big appetite. Lol. Also, he didn’t have a circumcision because he was born with a “natural” circumcision like his brother Raiden. There isn’t enough skin around the top of the penis to cut. So that was cool.

I am trying to think if there is anything else to add. Lol It literally happened SO FAST that it’s hard to remember! Lol.

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Congratulations Melissa! It sounds like everything went really, really well! Welcome to the world, Logan!

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Congrats, he is adorable, I love his little socks!

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Congrats Melissa! What a great birth story. So glad you got to do it naturally. That was a really fast labor. I will be thrilled if mine is as short as twice as long as yours was. Wink

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Congrats on Logan's birth. He's adorable!!!

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Congrats again Mely! He is a cutie! So I am curious, does he have pinky fingers like the other boys?

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Congrats, Melissa! Way to trust your intuition!

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"bamsmom" wrote:

Congrats again Mely! He is a cutie! So I am curious, does he have pinky fingers like the other boys?

Thanks everyone! and yes!! LOL!! He DOES! Pinkies just like his brothers and daddy. haha

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WOW what a story!!!! He's going to make his presence known from here on out!!! He is gorgeous.

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Congratulations!!! Smile

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Congratulations and yay for a natural birth! What a big boy!

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Great Story Mely. Congrats on going natural! The pushing is definately the worst part!

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What a beautiful birth story! I'm really wanting to go natural with this baby as well, and your story gives me the courage to do it! WTTW Logan!