My midwife appt today

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My midwife appt today

Today we had the tour of L&D. First we had belly checks and talked about any issues/questions. My BP is good, I also gained three lbs in 2 weeks (up to 116) which I'm happy about. Baby's hr is good, 140. Belly is measuring right on target. But...

The perinatologist that did my ultrasound to check my cervix lied to me. He told me it looked great. He told the midwives that there is "debris" in my cervix and I need antibiotics to make sure it isn't an infection they aren't finding, and if I am still bleeding (which I am) they need to do another ultrasound. These visits are freaking 45 bucks a pop! I am so frustrated that he didn't communicate this with me and that I have to go for ANOTHER ultrasound. At this point I just feel like I'm going to find out what the gender is b/c I can't handle the stress of all these ultrasounds, worrying about if I'm going to accidentally find out. And that makes me want to cry, I really wanted to find out at birth. It also really upsets me that there is "debris" in my cervix - what the heck is that? Even the midwife had no idea. It is good that my cervix is closed but the unknown of debris scares me.

Anyhow, the tour went really well. There are 4 rooms with labor tubs (no birthing allowed in tubs yet), 12 labor rooms altogether. They try to reserve the rooms with tubs specifically for midwifery patients and the nurses that work with midwives are more natural birth inclined. They have birthing balls, birthing stools, birthing bars that attach to the bed. Food is allowed for mom. IV only if necessary. Monitoring only every couple hours. When baby is born it will stay on mom for about half an hour then get weight and height, then go back on mom until she is ready to get cleaned up. They clean baby in the room. Most ped's check baby in the room. They said the nursery is typically empty b/c they like baby to room in with mom.

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Sorry for another post, that one was getting too long for my phone to type and see.

Unless it is the middle of the night, they move mom and baby to a recovery room about 2 hours after birth. L&D is on floor 2, recovery is on floor 3. Also, the midwives allow as many ppl in room as mom wants (I want dh, doula and a friend).
All in all it was great, I was very happy with the experience. I'm excited about birthing there.

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Glad you had a good tour and mostly good appointment!
I hope the next ultrasound goes better and it can be the last one you need.

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I'm glad the tour went well. I don't blame you for being concerned about having "debris" in your cervix but hopefully it's nothing too serious and they will get things all figured out.

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Yeah for a good appointment:bigarmhug:

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Glad the appt. went pretty well. Have never heard of "debris" in cervix before. Hopefully, it will be completely gone at your next u/s. The delivery room setup/routine sounds great!

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Glad your tour went well Smile I hope everything goes well with Your next u/s.

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Sounds like baby is doing just fine, sorry that the peri wasn't more straight forward with you. Please KUP when you go back for another u/s.

Your hospital sounds AWESOME! That is wonderful they are supportive of the birth you want to have. I wish the hospital I delivered DS at was even HALF that accommodating to ncb. This is the main reason I am using a birth center this time. If my hospital was like yours, I may have opted to stay!

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Sounds like a great appointment overall! The maternity ward sounds amazing!!! Sorry about the stress over the ultrasounds. I hope that at your next one everything will have cleared up in your cervix and you will have nothing to worry about!