My mommy instincts were right!

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My mommy instincts were right!

It's a boy!!! We are thrilled to be adding another boy to our family, and Brandon got his wish for a baby brother.

Other than showing us the goods, baby was very uncooperative. He was doing a headstand on my bladder and he had his head tucked under his chin. The tech said it was the worst possible position for him to be in. She even had the perinatologist come in and try but no luck. I was there an hour, but they couldn't get him to budge. He was moving a lot, kicking his legs, waving his hands, but he wouldn't budge out of that position. They weren't able to get a shot of his face and they had a limited view of the heart and brain, but what they did see looked good. I have to go back in two weeks for another peek. I will also be having additional scans in the third trimester to check his growth since I'm high risk.

The tech gave us three pictures of the same shot...and it wasn't even a good shot. I'll try and post it later.
Thinking back, I feel Brandon was in a similar position and they couldn't get him to budge either. Here he is in his acrobatic glory.

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Congratulations on another baby boy and it's awesome everything looks good. Yey for another peek in 2 weeks!!

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Congrats on a healthy little man!!! Woo hoo!

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Congrats on another boy!

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Congrats on your baby boy!!!

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Congrats Lenora!!! I am so happy that you are growing a healthy baby arcobat I mean boy! LOL Yahoo

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Congrats!! I think little boys don't like their pictures taken, ours is the same way!

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Updated with pics

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What a little stinker! Bonus that you get to see him again in a couple weeks. And congrats on the little brother for Brandon!

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So exciting! Congrats! My little guy was curled in a ball too... maybe it's a boy thing ;-).

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How exciting ..I'm so happy you have your second boy...I think their right boys don't like their pics taken, mine has always been difficult

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Yay! Congrats!!! AT least a stubborn baby means another look at him in a couple of weeks!

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Congrats!! Two boys is SO much fun!! You will love it!!

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congrates Smile

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I am glad everything looks healthy! congrats on your little guy!

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yay! congrats on another boy!! Smile