My nursery is done!

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My nursery is done!

Just finished my nursery tonight, and thought I'd share with you guys! We are doing a frog theme, with greens, yellows and bright blues (tho it seems we embraced the green and yellow more than the blue lol). Been working on this for about a week now, and so glad to finally be done... enough!

View from the door:

Changing Table:

Crib area:

I think it all came together really nicely, and it fits well. There's also a bunk bed in there (you can see part of it from the door pic) for my 2 older boys when they come visit. Thankfully that won't be until next July. I expect to spend at least one night in that bed when we start the transition to the crib

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I love the frog idea Smile

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Very cute!!!!!!!

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So glad you were able to finish the nursery, must be a weight off your shoulders. And the frog theme is so cute. Now, you just need a baby to put in it!

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The frogs are cute! I like the colors!

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I did a frog theme for DS... very cute! Smile

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So cute! I love the lily pad name vinyl!!

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Very cute, though since my nursery is also somewhat frog-themed, I might be a little biased. Wink

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aww looks great!!!!
Luv the frogies!!!!! Biggrin

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very cute! i love the hoppy frogs on the wall with his name!

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Love It! The frogs are really cute!

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