My prenatal appt today

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My prenatal appt today

Went really well. BP looks the same, weight is up another 3lbs to 119, belly is measuring on target and baby's hr is in the 150's.

We talked about labor today in the centering group and met with the dr over the midwives. I was really happy with him, he is very natural minded and is only there for consult and surgery.

I also got my papers for my GD test, so I have to go get that done sometime this week.

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Glad ur appt went well. It's good you like the doctor as well

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glad you had a good appt!!!! Yahoo

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Glad you had a good appt!

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Glad it went well!

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Yay for good appointments!

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Sounds like a great appt!

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Great appt!

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Hurray for everything being on target!

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I'm glad to hear your appt. went well. Good luck with the GD test.