My surprise last night

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My surprise last night

As I posted, DH painted the room. In no way was I expecting what I got when I got home from work. The sweet man worked on the room all day! He finished painting and put together all of the furniture!!! Here's a couple of pics!

I am going to order his name to go above his bed and some wall hangings that go with his bedding to decorate. You can't see the window but we still have to get some curtains for it. I'm so relieved that all of that is completed. Now, all I have to do is start washing clothes basically!

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What a nice surprise! It looks great!!

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Wow, way to go, Josh! He did awesome!

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How sweet of him!! What a cute room too.

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It is very bright right now. It'll darken up once we get some things on the walls. I'm excited!

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Awww nice surprise! Gotta love when the guys do stuff like that. At least that's one less thing to do now!

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Aww, he did a great job!!!

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Lucky girl! I like that color!

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What a wonderful surprise, it looks great, I'm jealous LOL!

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What a great dh!! Love how it turned out, I can't wait until we're a little more prepared, having everything all ready makes it seem more real Smile

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awww, how sweet! love to hear of the men who show their excitement!

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It looks great!!!!! Smile

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It looks and I love the color! He definately gets some bonus points Wink

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Awesome! Cute room Smile

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What a sweet guy (and a nice surprise!)

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It looks great and I love the colour.