My ultrasound

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My ultrasound

I got my (hopefully) final ultrasound regarding the bleeding today.

LO looks great, measuring 3lbs10oz. She was head down, on my bladder, with her face in the placenta. Her butt was at the very top of my uterus which surprised me considering how low her head was. While the tech was trying to get measurements lo was very upset at being poked and kicked like crazy. It was cute and showed how spunky this one will be, I think. The tech let me see the girl parts for myself. I trusted what dh said, but he tends to have a bad memory. And the baby even was practice breathing for us, which even the tech was really excited to see. She said that is a really great sign that the baby is doing well.

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So glad everything looked good! Smile I'd love to have another u/s... just to see baby again.

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What a great u/s. Glad everything is looking good Biggrin

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Glad LO looks good!!!!! Biggrin

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I'm glad everything is looking good! Yay!

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good to hear everything went well!

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Glad to hear everything looked good!

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That's awesome! Glad everything is looking good.

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glad all is looking well! so cool to see the breathing!

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What a great u/s!! any pictures?