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My update

I haven't updated yet from my appointment on Tuesday, but my c-section has been moved up from Sept 19, to Sept 14! Bad thing is it isn't til 5pm Sad but it's better than waiting 5 more days til the 19. I am just going to have to stay up real late the night before so that I can eat late because no way I can go ALL night plus ALL day not eating!

The reason she moved it up is my blood pressure was again 140/80 and then yesterday at my NST it was 127/80. But luckily no proteins in my urine!

So DH will be getting the best birthday present since the 14th is his birthday! Yesterday was mine, and I would have loved to share a birthday with her. And happy birthday to me, I get to wake up today with a sore throat Sad Guess it's better now than when the baby is supposed to come, but on top of already feeling bad being anemic, and trying to rest and keep my blood pressure down, and now getting sick, I feel like I will never finish what is left on my to-do list, and then I can't really keep busy doing things to distract me from just thinking about baby arriving which makes me even more impatient!

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Sorry you're feeling sick. I had the worst cold about a week ago and it kicked my butt. Hopefully you will feel better soon. How neat that your DH will get to share a birthday with the baby!

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I hate that you are sick! You better get yourself better. That's awesome that he will share a b-day with the baby.

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Happy Be-lated b-day but Booo to the sickness. Yay for a closer date, your baby will be here before you know it.

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hope u feel better soon!
How cool baby and hubby get to share their bdays Smile