My update (hospital trip)

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My update (hospital trip)

Well thought I would update from my previous post about the discharge. So later that night/next morning I woke up with severe pain. It felt like it was radiating from my right ovary area to my kidneys. The discharge just continued but at some points got really heavy. It's quite disgusting actually. So I called my dr.'s office and they called me back and told me they would like me to go in and get baby and myself checked out. I wasn't really expecting that but I went in within the half hour. So they monitor baby girl and she was nestled really low which is where I've been feeling her so that was no surprise. Her hb was from 155-160 so nice and strong and healthy. I wasn't having any significant contractions. Urinalysis turned out with just a trace of protein and no other infections. So then dr. ordered a cervical check to see if the discharge was my mucous plug and to see if I was dilated. So it turned out that it was/is mucous plug but that it can regenerate and I am dilated to 1cm and my cervix is a bit soft. So they put me on bed rest for the weekend and they want me to get an u/s asap to check out what my cervix is doing. So I am doing what I am told and staying put and hoping I can get an appointment soon.

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Saying a prayer for u and sending hugs your way . Keep us updated .

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Oh wow. Big hugs and lots of positive thoughts coming your way.

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Goodness! I'll be praying for you and the baby!

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Oh no! Hope you can get in for a u/s soon. Stay put and KUP!

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Goodness I hope that they can get you in for an US quickly! I wonder what all the pain was from? Loosing your MP is not usually painful.

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"bamsmom" wrote:

I wonder what all the pain was from?

This is what I am wondering too! Really never got an answer to this.

Thank you everyone for the thoughts and prayers.

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"Newone4Me" wrote:

This is what I am wondering too! Really never got an answer to this.

Thank you everyone for the thoughts and prayers.

You know it reminds me of a kidney stone, but ususally you have blood in your urine.

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Praying for you and the baby! I'm glad you are able to rest this weekend. Definitely keep us posted!

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That is just scary. I'm praying for you and baby. Stay in bed as the doctor says. Did they say they can do a cerclage if need be?

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how scary! i will be praying for you and your girl. KUP

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Yikes! Take it easy and rest up! I hope everythig works out okay!

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Oh Goodness! I'm glad you got checked out and have been resting up this weekend. Hope you can get an u/s asap.

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Yikes, I'm glad you went in to get checked out. Sorry about the bed rest but hopefully all will be ok. Please KUP.

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KUP! thinking of you and your LO

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Yikes how scary! Stay put baby girl it's too early!! Hope all pans out well and no more bedrest etc is needed.