Name one GOOD thing happening right now!

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Name one GOOD thing happening right now!

So I came on here this morning to write my own vent. But when I saw that there were already so many other ladies dealing with stresses, problems, crises, etc. this week, I thought this might be a better idea...

Name one GREAT thing going on for you right now. It could be as small as 'my laundry all got done this week!' (hint: NOT true for me) Smile Or as big as 'I reached viability!' (again, we're past that point now...but you get the idea)

So- what GREAT things are happening for you today?

For me: I am flying home tonight! That means my last business trip of this pregnancy is O-V-E-R. Also, I found some GREAT baby clothes on a clearance rack while I was here. There's something about buying a little something for this baby that always makes me feel better.


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Tonight we are going to the midnight showing of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II. Being the huge Harry Potter nerd that I am, I am super excited. We've been planning this for months. We paid a bit more to go to the theater that has assigned seats so we don't have to worry about lines. Before that we are going out for a nice dinner. Woohoo for date nights and Harry Potter.

Oh and I'm wearing my Gryffindor scarf that I bought at the Harry Potter's the only HP stuff I have that still fits, lol. We might take our wands too, lol.

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We leave for our vacation tomorrow late afternoon. Smile I have all our clothes and snacks packed, our towels/beach stuff ready to be packed. All that is left is to pack DS toys and then put everything in the car. Normally I would be just starting to pack tonight and yelling at DH when I can't find somthing etc.

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I get to hang out with my mommy tomorrow!!!! She lives 2 hours away and it's been a while since we have gotten to hang out. My shower is this weekend so she will stay with me tomorrow night. She is going to clean my house and cook me supper. This bed rest thing has it's perks!!!

Also, like I said, my shower is Saturday!!! I'm super excited. Then, Wednesday, is my shower at work!!!

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We started serious potty training last week and after the first 3 days had me in tears, it is going great now. Previous to this, I'd always given up by the end of the first day. She is in a diaper at naps and bed but other than that she is in panties. She is pooping, staying dry for several hours, letting me know when she has to go and using public bathrooms.

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I bought a Moby wrap yesterday Smile It was a repackage at Target so it was only $28! I agree, something about buying something for baby always brightens my day, it's amazing we don't have a bus load of baby stuff at this point Lol

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Lenora~ Okay, so I'm not a HP fan at all, but the thought of going to a movie dressed up makes me smile the biggest smile. I'd love to do that! DH, however, wouldn't participate.. I'd have to do it with my sisters or something. I LOVE costume parties! Smile

Okay.. my one good thing........ I got a new phone (after just about literally throwing my old one across the room in frustration) and as picky as I am about technology and as horrible I am with dealing with change... I honestly have to say I like my new phone!!!

Hopefully that lasts! My last phone was a "new phone" after owning the same one for 3 years and I honestly cried when it came in (and I didn't have any hormonal influences at the time). So glad I'm not regretting this purchase like I did the last one. Smile

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Izzy is potty trained and I also found some great new baby gear at the consignment store for 75% off!

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Hmmm, as stressed as I am about this coming weekend/week, I have to say, having my husband home for the summer is going to be nice. He's finishing up the last of his 2 mission trips this week.

I have a nice, delicious bowl of Tom Kha soup (Thai soup with coconut milk, chicken, scallions, tomato, and lemon grass) with some rice for lunch today. So awesome.

AND, I sold a freezer pop sleeve, unexpectedly yesterday!!!! Plus the sewing projects I have lined up next week (orders and the gift exchange ones) are making me smile.

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I have tommorrow off and I am feeling great! No bleeding for me since the 26th of June!

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Lenora, that sounds like fun!

LO is moving around like crazy right now!

I got 5 hours of sleep last night without havign to wake up to pee!! been 8 months since thats happened!

This is the last weekend of baby stuff being piled up in every corner of my house! carpet comes monday and then we can put the nursery together, FINALLY.

my SIL, who usually drives me crazy, had a very long trip to Alaska since my brother got stationed there. she hasnt been online in 3 weeks and today she is online. i missed her and im glad she is back (it give me something to do other than work during the day LOL) Smile

tomorrow is friday, hubbie has drill this weekend so i will have lots of time to rest and hang with DD and get caught up on a few things and hopefully go swimming!

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DH is home from his business trips and shouldn't have another one until 2012!

They finished the majority of the painting of the painting yesterday- just touch ups and the stripes in the dining room left to do.

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I have one more day then I am on vacation. Going to see Transformers 3 in the theatre this weekend. Both of those things make me happy!

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One of my kitties was just awarded a Certificate of Excellence for being the top kitty in the world in his breed/color class!

Otherwise, pretty stressful over here. LOL.

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The littles have VBS this week so I don't have to cook lunch for us 3 days in a row! We got our first CSA share pickup on Tuesday and the littles are actually eating fresh vegetables with little fuss.

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DS is almost potty trained!1! He's been in big boy pants all week with just a few accidents Smile

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My DH parents had my daughter for the week so it was relaxing for us...we had our first date in years! And I got to sleep in and go to bed whenever I wanted. And we are picking her up tomorrow which is also super exciting because we miss her tons.
One other thing that is exciting is that we made a big purchased and bought a brand new vehicle. We won't have it till mid August because we had to order it. We figured we had to buy a new one because our Honda Civic wasn't going to fit a 4 yr and two infants! So I'm super excited to get that.

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I have 3 things....

1. I got a call back today from the sonography program I want to apply to in Missouri. So far it looks doable. The next class starts at the end of the school year so I can work this year and then leave. All I have to do is take a physics class and medical terminology class which is not bad at all. They only take 5 candidates but I have a good feeling.

2. I got fed up when I found out my ex was using the phone I gave him to check on me and the baby to call his new girlfriend all the time and use my minutes up. He hasn't checked on me once. SO I went to the store and shut it off on him, no warning. I know weird thing to be happy about but hey he deserved it, he still hasnt given me the rest of my things, at this point I dont think Im gonna get them but whatever.

3. I got back in touch with an old friend of mine from the Army band. It's been almost 2 yrs since we talked cause his soon to be ex wife is just psycho. I mean literally psycho, i saw her beat him physically one time. He tried counseling but nothing changed so he's had enough so he left her. I feel like I got one of my best friends back in my life. Yahoo