nauseous from movement

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nauseous from movement

This little one moves all the time which I love.cause I know he's ok. My question to you is do any of you get nauseous because the baby is moving so much? When he is on a roll and won't stop I get to the point where I feel sick to my stomach.

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I get a little nauseous when he's flipping/turning around in there, but not with regular kicks and punches. He likes to do acrobatics in there though and when he does my stomach almost made me throw up once.

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I've definitely had this. Especially with my first pregnancy. Every time Catie had the hiccups (which was a lot) it would make me really nauseous. The funny part was, this continued after she was born... just by association I guess!

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Oh yeah!

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Too funny Heather!
I get the feeling that if he would ever go head down I'd probably be...I don't know I don't really remember it from previous pregnancies and they were all head down at some point but right now all of his big movements are still below or at my belly button. One time last week I was feeling big kicks an inch or two below my ribs but he must have prompty went back to breech/transverse after that Lol

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Absolutely! I used to complain all the time with DD! This one thank goodness is calmer. I like the occasional movement but I get tired of it as well

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Sometimes, for me the worse part is when they kick or punch my bladder or cervix and my ribs at the same time! It will make me sit straight up in my chair and can make me feel sick.

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def not alone in that one! Lol

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Ok good I feel better. I asked my coworker and she said she never did so I thought I might b crazy.

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I haven't experienced this yet but lil man is breech .. But I did feel sick when I was pregnant with my first and he thrashed around in there lol