Need job advice!!- UPDATE

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Need job advice!!- UPDATE

I got the administrative position!! So far it looks like my duties will include payroll, human resources, and purchasing. I am sure that they will find plenty of other things for me to do as well as the agency continues to grow.
I am SO relieved that I will not be spending my maternity leave looking for a new job. AND- I finally get to start putting that grad degree (MBA in human resources) that I worked so hard for to use. I was beginning to think that was money badly spent.

I have been at this agency for 6 years. I feel that I am stagnant here and i don't want to spend the rest of my working life at the same level as a case manager at a place that is not even able to give raises right now. I applied for a new administrative position that has been created at the agency, but it has been a month since I officially submitted a letter of interest and resume. I have not heard anything. As far as I know the position has not been filled- they just seem to be in no hurry to make a decision.

If I do not get this position then this will be the third time I will have heard that I "am not ready for this level of responsibility". I don't know what else I can do to show them. I have excelled at every position I have held here and my supervisor, our department director, and even the county coordinator have told our HR director many, many times what a great worker I am. As much as I would love to get this new position, I am so ready to stop just waiting around.

My problem is.... I have 12 weeks of vacation/sick time saved up for this maternity leave. I am afraid to do anything until after I use that up. I am worried about going to a new job where I will not have that benefit time accrued. I tell myself that I need to wait to start the job search until I go on leave but I also hate the thought of letting a better job/salary slip away while I wait. Will any employers out there want to hire someone who is seven months pregnant and will have to disappear for 6-12 weeks right after being hired?

Should I start sending out resumes or should I chill for now and start the search while I am sitting at home on leave?

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Personally I would wait until after you have the baby to start looking for jobs.

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I would wait too till after you have the baby and take your leave.

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I would also wait unless you are in a field where the interview process is very long or where you would be able to push your start date until after you are willing to go back.

I would get your resume together and see what the good websites/companies in your area are so that when you are ready to apply, you are organized.

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I HATED my job, partly/mostly the reason i got pregnant and found a new job while i was on mat leave. It gives you enough time to look around and really find something. I would say buy your time and wait till you're on leave.

Good luck!

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Although it sucks being in a job you hate, I also agree with pp in that you should wait until you are off.

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I can understand your frustration, but I agree, you should wait until you have your baby before you make any decisions.

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If it were me I'd wait too.

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Update at the top!

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Congrats Smile

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Congratulations.. that is awesome news.

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:woohoo: Congrats!!