Need a lil help...

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Need a lil help...

So we all know I'm naming LO Kyan. I have been wondering all day if I should spell it Kian. The reason for spelling Kyan the way I was origonally going to is because I was secretly naming him after my mom (who died when I was 10, her middle name is Kay.) And after my mother in law (her middle name is ann) Thus Kyan... Was going to let everyone in on it when he is born, ya know.. a surprise! But now I'm wondering if I should bother with that exact spelling at all.. I want his name to sound boyish and look it too. I don't want him to get picked on cause of the Y in it. Does that look girly? I might just be over thinking this. lol

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Doesn't look girlie to me at all. Truthfully it would be pronunciation that people might say it different I think u should stick to the special meaning and spelling you chose. Don't change it or it won't be special.

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I agree with Cheryl, however the other side of it isn't so much that spelling it with a y makes it look girly as much as it will mean MOST people will pronounce it wrong. If you are ok with correcting people then it should not matter how you spell it. What is important is the meaning.

My daughter's name is not mispronounced as much as it is misspelled. She has a "common" name, Marisa. But we spell it with 1 s instead of 2. She is named after a little girl(who isn't so little anymore) who I used to babysit back in high school. Is it frustrating to correct people all the time on the spelling of her name? Yeah, sometimes, but then again, I have to correct people on the spelling of my name(Katie) alot as well too. It just comes with the territory.

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i love the name and i love the "special meaning" way of spelling it!

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I think if you are pronouncing it with the long i sound I'd stick with the y, short i than I'd go with Kian. When I see Kian vs Kyan that's the main difference for me. Kyan to me starts the same as Kyle or Kyla.

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I would leave it the way you have it since it was done that way for a special reason.

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I know the y is going to cause confusion. My sister in law asked me id his name was like Cayanne.. ya, the pepper.. I said yup! You caught me!

The y sounds the same as the y in key. Lol, that is just funny if ya think about it. And Im sure he will not mind the spelling. Although I doubt he will admit that he was named after his grannies! I think it will bring attention to him in a positive way too, everyone finds unique spelling of names interesting.

Thank you ladies for being here for me!

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I know when I read the name Kyan I say it in my head K-eye-yan, but if I see it Kian, I say it "K-ee-an" in my head.

I think that whatever you choose to name him is just FINE.

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I don't think it looks girly but I agree with the others about the pronunciation. The first time I saw it I wanted to pronounce it like cayenne pepper. Since it has special meaning to you, you may want to leave it, but just be prepared that a lot of people will not pronounce his name right.

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i pronounced it like the pepper as well. but i like the special way of spelling it. most of the time you will be telling people from the start how to pronounce his name, rather than them reading it. so when they see it spelled it will just click. then once in school it will be the start of the year role call when he will have to correct the teacher, then it's done. no harm

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"Starflyr" wrote:

I know when I read the name Kyan I say it in my head K-eye-yan, but if I see it Kian, I say it "K-ee-an" in my head.

I think that whatever you choose to name him is just FINE.


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I would keep it Kyan. I like how you combined the names, and that's what makes it special. Smile