New house and I am no help!

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New house and I am no help!

We closed on our new house on Friday and we have to be moved out of our current apartment by the end of the month. We went last night and bought the paint for DD1 and DD2 rooms. They are so excited to be getting the purple rooms that they have been begging for for months! I also looked online with them last night and let them pick out their new bedding.

DD1 picked out:


DD2 picked out:


We have to paint thier bedrooms and refinish the wood floors in all three of the main floor bedrooms before we can move in. I am really disappointed that I can't help as much as I want to. Sad I am also not going to be much help on moving day with all of the heavy lifting that will be going on.

Despite not being able to be as involved in the redecorating process as I would like, we are very excited to finally have our own place and be out of apartments! This will be the first time our girls have ever lived in a house. I can't wait until I can open the door and have them go out in our own yard to play!!

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How exciting! They picked out some cute bedding!
Be glad you are of little help Wink I had lots of fun picking out stuff to decorate our new house but the work of deep cleaning/painting/ect wasn't quite as much fun

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Congrats on the house!!! That is so exciting! I understand about feeling useless when it comes to the moving/fixing up. We sold our old house and moved into this house when I was 16 weeks (and still in the midst of severe morning sickness) so I couldn't do hardly anything... and we've been renovating this house ever since (and will be for years to come). Sometimes it's frustrating to not be able to do stuff, and sometimes it's nice to leave the hard jobs to someone else ;-). I hope you all enjoy the new house! So happy for you!

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Love the bedding! Congrats I'm sure everyone will love the new house

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Congrats on the new house. I remember what a great feeling it was a couple of years ago when we finally were able to get out our apt into a real house where Brandon could run wild, lol. It's not the greatest timing but I'm sure DH understands. Love the bedding your girls picked out.

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So exciting, Congrats. Personally, I'd love the fact that I can't help out to much, its a reason to put your feet up well the hubby works!!!

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congrats on the new house!!!!

i know exactly how you feel with not being able to help. I'm a very DIY person and I get aggrevated when I have to ask for help.

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Yay! Congrats on the new house! Smile There will be plenty of time to decorate/organize after the new baby is here.

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I think you Should relish in the fact that you don't have to do the heavy work!

Congrats on the house and the girls made great choices!

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congrates on the new house!!!!!!!
Love the bedding soo cute Smile