new name debate-help me choose

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new name debate-help me choose

We have again narrowed our name choice, but still can't decide, so which do you like-Henry (family name) or Lachlan?

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I like both....what are your other kids names?

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I really like both as well... that is definitely not helpful though- sorry ;-).

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I love was a name that I wanted by the DH didn't want it.

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I'm using Henry as a middle name and just LOVE it. Its also a family name for me.

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I like both too. I know alot of Henry's though. It; becoming a pretty popular name. I'm partial to Lachlan because it's an Irish name. I love Irish names.

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I like Lachlan. We have a cousin in our family with that name- they call him Lucky.

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Lachlan. Smile

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I like both, but I like Henry a little better. Can't go wrong either way, though you might have to spell Lachlan more often (for people like me who haven't seen it too often)!

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I love Lachlan its kinda different!!!! henry is cute too.. sorry im not much help :rolleyes:

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I love Lachlan! It was another of my choices but DH wasn't found of it Sad

I just saw a baby Henry and loved it as well. Tough choice!

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Well I may be a bit biased since we've choosen Lochlan for our little guy Wink (although I keep changing the spelling, I can't decide how I like it best lol We've gone from Lochlainn, to Lochlan, to Lachlan, to Loughlin to Lochlann, then dropped the 2nd N & now it's Lochlan - me & my fickleness :lol:) But I think both are wonderful names. How about Lachlan Harry or Harry Lochlan? Depending on your last name it might work! Good luck! Baby naming can be so hard!

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Lachlan! but then i tend to go for names that arent so common! Good luck!

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I would probably say Henry but either sounds good.