New Year's Eve Plans?

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New Year's Eve Plans?

What is everyone doing for NYE?

I have a friend driving in to town tomorrow night with her two boys (her husband is currently deployed to Afghanistan). We are going to have an early kiddie party consisting of homemade pizzas and silly hats and noise makers. Then, us adults will probably stay up late playing a game or two eating junk food until the New Year! Oh the life of parents with little kids. Wink

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New Year's Eve is DH's birthday, and New Year's Day is our good friend's birthday, so we have a joint birthday party. This year I think we're going to go out to dinner (early, with the kids), then put all the kids down at our house and play games and eat cake.

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Before getting married, my husband had a tradition with a friend of his and their family (husband and 5 kids) for new years eve.... (and st patrick's day too)....

They would come over and make homemade pizzas and play wii and drink a bit!

Now, I love that tradition, and she's my friend now more than she is his, so we continue it. But now we have two kids to add in the mix! I've been trying to think of a drink to make for the night, but haven't come up with one. We'll likely eat pizza, the kids will play and we'll play pinochle and drink something. Wink

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Nothing friend is going through a nasty divorce so I think we are going to spend it with her. Have a glass of wine, watch some funny movies and eat everything that we shouldn't. Knowing us, we'll be asleep before the countdown!

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Desperately try to stay awake till midnight?

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Ds1 just had surgery so we'll be home. I asked dh to see if his parents can come over for a bit in the early evening so we can do dinner but we'll see it's kind of last minute. I'm not even sure I have any interest in trying to stay awake this year, I'm so exhausted from the last week as is.

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"Roobear" wrote:

Desperately try to stay awake till midnight?

Last year my husband came up stairs to wake me to say happy new years my defense I was on call so I hadn't had any time off yet!

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I work Saturday and Sunday. Technically I will be at home for the ball drop, but since I'm getting up for work a few hours later, I will not be staying up!

Usually we just have a couple close friends over and play cards/board games/drink a little champagne. Nothing fancy.

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We actually got invited to a party this year... but I'm not certain I can stay up long enough to watch the ball drop.. and we don't have a sitter available, so we are staying in and watching The Big Bang marathon on TBS. Smile

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"Nell4Him" wrote:

we are staying in and watching The Big Bang marathon on TBS. Smile

WHAT? There is a BBT marathon on? Ok...thats what we are doing now!

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We're having six-eight people over and Hubby is cooking. He's starting to smoke a pork shoulder right now and we'll also have a prime rib. Bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers, twice-baked mashed potatoes, and pie.

Usually- we're pretty low key, but the whole family is in town so it just worked out this way.

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Kids went to bed and hubby conned me into watching the first Harry Potter movie, last night we watched the 2nd one. He got into playing the game that the kids got with their gameboys for Christmas, so he decided what the hell, lets watch the movies lol.

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This is the first time I've been able to post in forever. We've been at my parents' and they are having wireless issues and I can no longer post from my iphone for some reason.

For New Year's we went to a party with some family friends. It was fun, the kids were all in their jammies. On New Year's Day, we went to the last Raiders game of the season. We did a huge tailgate which was awesome. We're still here until Sunday since Brandon is out of school until the 9th.

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We went out to karaoke at our friend garage it was fun we had turkey and a few drinks it was a great evening Smile skyler stayed with my dad and kesler was with my step mom