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Not in crib yet

Sooo Andrew is still not sleeping in his crib yet. He still sleeps in his rock and play sleeper...He is going to be 6 months Sunday and over 20lbs so I know I have to move him to his crib soon but I am dreading it because right now he sleep sooo well and I'm scared to mess with anything! The rock and play is inclined and for naps he sleeps either in there or on his stomache in his crib, he has never slept flat on his back. We have laid him on his stomache at night in the crib but I think he doesnt associate that with being night, but more with a nap, because after about 2 hours he was up again....Is anyone elses baby not in the crib yet?

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have you thought of getting something like this to help transition him to the crib?

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I'm the opposite. I'm considering moving Kaylee To the swing (she's been in the crib since 6 or 8 weeks) Hope if you transition it goes well.

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Alice is still in the bassinet. We went out and got a new bassinet b/c we are borrowing sil's and her sister is pregnant and wants to borrow it. But it worked out great b/c the one we got is a lot better for us. It is at the same level as the bed so I don't have to reach up over the side and I can look down to dd w/o having to get up. It is a mini pack and play so we can use it later too.

She sleeps in the crib the same as she sleeps in the bassinet but she still wakes up fairly frequently and everyone started losing sleep. This way only I am and I'm losing less than if I have to get up.

She is also still swaddled when she sleeps. I found out yesterday that she will not go to sleep if she is not swaddled. We were out all morning and she didn't sleep until I swaddled her.

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Damien has only slept in his bassinet. I let him sleep a couple of nights in the crib in the other room while his big brother was staying at grandma's, but that's it.

It's working for us for now - though he will have outgrown it in an inch or two, then I'll set up the play pen in our room. Big brother is only 18 months, and I'm going to keep that monkey contained as long as I can for sleep. Wink

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Selah is still in the cradle beside our bed. We are putting her nursery together this week. I don't know how well she'll fair with the change of rooms/bed but we are waking her up at night. She still swaddles for all naps/ bedtime, but I don't feel comfortable having her swaddled at night in her own room, so we need to break her of her swaddling addiction. She just falls/stays asleep so well being swaddled.