NST today

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NST today

My dr is moving his office this weekend. It will be in the hospital that I work in. Well, it's right beside the pharmacy that I use. Long story short. I had to go to the pharmacy and went to talk to the dr for a few minutes. Carter hasn't been as active the past few days as normal. He meets the kick counts just barely. But, he's normally very active and now I have to concentrate on feeling movements. So, I told my OB that I was a little concerned but he was meeting the kick counts. Since it is such a significant decrease in movement, he did a NST. The first 20 min, he looked ok but wasn't "reactive" as we call it with 3 heart rate accelerations. So, he put me back on the monitor for about 45 more minutes before he was "reactive". I am home now and hoping the movements pick back up. I'm sure we will talk more about it Monday at my appt. I did show him the u/s report from yesterday and he isn't concerned about it yet. So, all is well I guess. I'm just a little on the nervous side right now. He's just never been this "quiet".

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Your big fella is running out of room! LOL

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I agree with Erin, sounds like your little Carter is running out of room in there.

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I was going to say the same. Jay hasn't been as active either. It's more rolling movements or just slight pushes not the constant kicking etc as before. Hope that's all it is for you.

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hope everything is ok and he moves a bit more.
but sounds like the ladies might be right .. he could be running outta room!!