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NT scan

I'm a bit late posting about this, but I had my NT scan and bloodwork on Tuesday. Everything looked normal, baby was moving lots and we saw the heartbeat so that's a relief - mw couldn't find it last week with the doppler. The doctor also confirmed that my EDD is pretty much right, baby was measuring right where it should for week 14. He said if anything, he'd push the EDD back 2 days to Sept 23 but that's barely anything so I'm just going to stick with my original date.
I'm not sure why, but I'm really starting to get a sixth sense that this one is a boy...I can't wait to find out in a few weeks!

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I am glad the scan went so well!

I have been starting to get a feeling that I will be having a boy as well... We will see in 5 months

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I am glad the scan went well. I can't wait to see if this baby is okay too. I have the boy feeling too. Interesting! We seem to be the boy board. Smile

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I am so glad that yoru scan went well! I don't know about this being a boy board, as I have a feeling I am having girls..:cool:

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Glad to hear the NT scan went well. With Brandon I was sure it was a boy the whole time. This time I'm thinking boy again as well but I'm not as sure as I was the first time around. My mom is convinced it is a girl and she hasn't been wrong with the last four or five babies born in our family so I guess we'll find out who is right in May.

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So glad it went well!

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So glad it went well. I think it will he a boy month for the majority. I notice it kind of runs in patterns.