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How is everyone doing on the nursery or any area you are going to have designated for baby? In the next 2 weeks or so I think all of us will be in the 3rd trimester so time to start with the baby prep! Any pictures of the progress??

With DS I had his nursery done right around this time. Since this baby will be in our room I haven't really done much but there is also less to do. The crib should be here today, hopefully the mattress will by the end of the week and then I have to start sewing bedding, I'm hopping by 30-32 weeks I'll have his 'area' all done.

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The nursery now has new paint and carpet, which was the biggest hurdle to get over. The crib is set up in there, and the dresser (that we also use as a changing table). I need a new cover for the changing pad (the one that's currently on it is pink) and crib sheets, but I don't want to buy anything until after my shower. DD and I put the rest of the bedding in/on the crib (bed skirt, mobile, etc.) We have a bookcase that will go in there that I haven't moved yet, along with assorted baby stuff that's still stored from when we moved (swing, bouncy seat, etc.) so I need to pull all that out. The rocking chair/glider is currently in my room, so I need to move that too. Most of the clothes are hung up in the closet, but I need to get some more hangers. So I guess the hard stuff is all done, all that's left is just moving a couple of things, unpacking some stuff, and doing a little decorating. Oh yeah, and I need to make curtains. If I ever remember to go to the fabric store!

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Dh and I will be painting the baby room the first week of July. The trim is already done (from when we painted for dd) and we are going from light purple to light blue, so it should be easy. The floor is a nice, dark wood laminate and held up with dd nicely. Curtains and crib sheets will be plain, bright colors to represent corals since we are doing a fish room. We need to print, frame and hang pictures of fish after we paint. We don't have any baby furniture but we'll get that after the room is painted.

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We ha e taken the queen size bed down and I hung up clothes. I still have to get the crap out that doesn't belong (wedding dress and prom dresses). Can't decide if I want to paint or not. I keep changing my mind. I want everything up before my shower on the 16th.

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Not even close. Simone will sleep with us in her bassinet for a while. We'll move DD1 and DD2 into DD1's room with bunk beds after mission trip madness settles down around our house, and once Simone is ready to go to her crib on her own we'll figure out how to move DS around. LOL poor kid.

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I'm feeding and beveraging a close college friend of.mine tonight. He agreed to come over and help paint the room and get the wood floor stripped. Once that is done I just have to revarnish it and set it up. Which I can't wait to do cause having all the baby furniture in my living room is driving me nuts.

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DD is currently still in the nursery which will stay the same (see pics on my Sept space - link in my siggy).

I have been waiting for months for bedding to be done for DD's big girl room but I can't get a hold of the seamstress. It is a bit of a sticky situation because she is a friend of mine and she is doing all the sewing for free. I know she is in the precess of moving out of province but it is really stressing me out. I can't even paint until I know she is doing it for me.

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We had a bit of a head start. When we bought the house we knew we wanted that room to be the nursery so we had it painted yellow before we moved in. The changing table has always been in there so that was ready to go. My mom bought us a crib and my dad put it together for us a few weeks ago when he was here. The bedding has been washed. We chose not to do a big armoire this time but I bought this at Target and it goes perfectly in there and doesn't take up too much room.

The pack n' play is in our room ready to go. The glider is also in our room and I think we're going to keep it in there.

I'm not doing anything special in there as far as decorating goes. He won't be in there for a few months at the minimum anyway. I'm mostly finished except for a few odds and ends and stocking it with the essentials (i.e. wipes, diapers, etc.)

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The crib and mattress is in my room but not set up. We usually put it together a month before, so sometime in august it'll be all set up. I just bought a really cute crib set yesterday... it's used but it was so cute I couldn't resist. I'll take and post pics after! We still need to find a mobile.... the one we had ended up getting broken when we moved and oddly enough we never bought a new one for Hailey... poor girl lol. She had other things like this hanging 'tv' thing that you wind up so it's not like she was totally without!

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Baby will be in our room for the first 4 or so months and we will be turning the guest room into the nursery after the 1st of the year... so, we're doing anything to the nursery per say. I did bring all the newborn/small cd's up though and put them in the closet and sorted out the gender neutral/girl newborn and 0-3 month clothes last week and put them up there as well. We'll probably set the cradle up in our room just a couple of weeks before baby is due. Working potty training DD1, so the changing table will still be in her room for a bit. We'll switch it to ours at the same time we move the cradle, I think.

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Wow, you ladies are organized. Since this is our fourth we are pretty chill on the nursery. he will room with us for a bit and then move in with our older DS, it is a Diego themed room, so that is what we will go with!

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I havent started!!!! i have bought stuff but right now its more like a storage room then a nursery :/ i need to get on it but i have fun shopping for kesler but the idea of setting up the room still daunts me .. soo much work i think i will recruit curtis this weekend to start helping!!!!! but i bought bedding crib and stuff mainly left is paint then set it all up which is the fun part Smile

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Things are a bit complex right now. We live in a 2 bedroom apartment, and my second bedroom has always been set up as a bedroom for my 2 older boys, who visit for a few weeks every summer. We will be setting up a corner of that room for the baby, once he outgrows the bassinet in our room. Right now we're going with frogs and bright blues and greens as our colors (like in the Tadepole pic I have) in the corner he gets. We're in the Navy, and we're anticipating another move in about 18 months. Hopefully at that time we'll be buying a house, hopefully with 3 or 4 bedrooms, so we don't have to have 3 boys in the same room in the summers. At that time, I'll be able to really decorate for each of the boys, no more boring white apartment walls!

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We have done....NOTHING! Our nursery is currently our office/spare room. That is moving to the bedroom in the basement, which has been gutted and is at the studs-no-drywall stage. Our plan was to have the basement finished before LO arrives, but its not looking likely. LO will be in our room for a while (8 weeks-ish), but I would still like his/her room set up for naps, change table, place to put all the clothes, as our room is very small.

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Got our crib and set it up today! Biggrin I love it just as much as I thought, I wish I had known mini cribs were so nice with my other kids. We have the thicker mattress on the way and I have to sew bedding and I might decorate the wall a little but we'll see. I'm just happy to have *something* done.

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We have all the furniture moved into the baby's room (crib, rocking chair, changing table) and got the shelves put up last night. newborn and 0-3 month clothing is hung up/put away ( I'll have to go back and do that later)

DH painted these gorgeous trees along one wall- I love them! however, right now they are bare trees with no leaves. It looks a little wintery. So the leaves still need to get done. I also still need a lamp, blinds and valance. MIL is making this baby a quilt for the crib, so I'm going to wait until she is done with that (and a couple of throw pillows) before I pick out valance fabric.

Wow! Writing this down made me realize we don't have as much left to do in there as I thought. yay!

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The babies nursery is currently my craft room so i'm in the process of packing it all up and moving it somewhere else! I have the bedding that came in last week. My mom and I are going to paint it next month and then i will get to work on stenciling the border. i also need to Get ds's new twin bed ready so i can move the crib into the nursery, now that i think about it I have so much to do :eek:

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We aren't doing a nursery. Kelly is getting a big boy room instead. We decided that since we did a gender neutral nursery the first go-round that we would just keep that as the nursery and move Kelly into the spare room. Right now, we need to get rid of our queen bed and nightstands. We also need to get rid of all of the books on a book case. I am an Arbonne consultant so I need to purge all of the products I have accumulated over the years and get rid of anything that is older and not necessary. We decided to have a yard/garage sale before we leave for vacation. Hopefully we can get rid of some of that stuff then. And get some much needed $$ for Kelly's new bed.