nursery is done (pics)

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nursery is done (pics)

For now at least. I would still like to add a few decorative things here and there, but those are going to have to wait Smile

This is looking into the room from the door.

This is on the wall with the door. I added the letter "k" with photo bucket to the bright pink square above the changing pad. My Aunt is making a crafty cute letter K that I will glue onto it.

That blue teddy bear is made of the robe that my Grandpa wore. He passed away when I was really young. The yellow frame looking thing is a craft dd made for Kelsey Biggrin

These are hanging next to the closet doors and next to bedroom door when it is open.

The colors are SO bright, I didn't want too many other things going on the room. Looking at these pictures though, I definitely want to get somethings for on top of the wall unit and those empty spaces in it. Probably picture frames Wink

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awesome! such a cute nursery!! Smile

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What a great looking nursery. Wish we were putting ours together now. But, won't until after the new year. Smile

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So cute! Nice job, Libby!

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Looks really nice! I love that your DD is sitting there taking pics too, cute!

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Awe to cute! looks great!!!

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Libby, it turned out great! I love bright colors in a nursery.

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It looks great! I especially love the paisley fabric that's on the crib bumper- so cute!

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Where did you find the changing table ... i love it Smile

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SO cute! I love the bright colors!! It makes me think I should have used something a little brighter in our nursery.

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OMG, that is SO CUTE!!!!

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It is adorable! I also love the change table!

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Great job, very colorful!

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cute! i love that the bear is made of the robe. great job!

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I love it!!!!