The nursery is finally done! better late than never :)

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The nursery is finally done! better late than never :)

Talk about taking it to the wire! I finally finished painting dd's room! It took much longer than expected with my carpel tunnel and swelling legs/feet. i had to do it in 1 hour increments so I didn't over do it but it seemed like everytime I started i had to stop. I haven't put up the shelves i bought, or refinished the dresser like I wanted to but I figure there is time for that after she is here! And she will only use it for naps for the next few months anyway.

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I LOVE it! It is seriously adorable. Nice work! Smile

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Lurker from November Smile

This is absolutely beautiful!

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Very nice...I'm jealous! I wanted to do new babe's room in ladybugs but *sigh* I just haven't gotten to it Sad
Good job!

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Adorable! Great job!

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That is so cute! Nice job Kat!

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Beautiful! and just in time Wink

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I love it! All that work make you go into labor? LOL!

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Oh Kat, it's SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it

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WOW! That is absolutely awesome!! LOVE IT!

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SO cute! Love it!