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nursery pics

The kids will be sharing a room, and we aren't really doing a "themed" nursery, but I decided the boring white walls NEEDED to be painted this weekend, and DH humored me. Smile

I didn't take a "before" picture, but really, walls were just white. You can use your imagination!

DD helped do a section of the wall before I took her to Grandma's for a pre-arranged sleepover. Amazingly, she didn't get any paint on her clothes!

That night (drying)

The next day, with most of the furniture back in the room. The empty spot on the far wall (to the left of the small dresser) is where baby's crib will go, whenever we get one. (Sorry the lighting isn't as good- this is early evening by this point.)

To the immediate left of the doorway is a bookshelf FIL made a year or two ago. To the right of the doorway is the dresser the kids will likely share for now. (DD's stuff in lower, reachable drawers; baby stuff/extra sheets in top drawers)

Bonus pic: the nook I created for DD. Her dolls/stuffed animals are back there, under the window, plus a plush Mickey rug we've had forever and a rocking chair that's been handed down in my family for 100+ years. I suggested she could use that area to read books, or to rock her baby dolls, or whatever she wanted. You can see in the pic she had already wrapped up a doll and laid it on the chair.

I'm very happy with the results!

Thanks for looking!

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Looks great and I am impressed that DD didnt get any paint on her!

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Its amazing what color on walls can do to a room. Looks GREAT!

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The room looks awesome! great job!

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That's an awesome shaped room and the color makes it look great! Good job!


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You guys did a great job!!!! It's super cute. I love that color of green.

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Very nice... what a relaxing/soothing color!

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The room is beautiful! I love that is is not the typical square room! You guys did a great job!

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Love it!!! The room looks great!

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The walls look great, awesome job!

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Awesome job! Love the color!