Nursery themes or schemes?

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Nursery themes or schemes?

Hi ladies!

We are finally starting to work on the new baby's room - we got DS his big kid furniture so the nursery furniture could move rooms!

Now that the room is starting to come together, we are working on a new theme for this baby. I guess 'theme' isn't really the right word, more of a scheme. We are using blues and browns (DS was blues and reds - I know SO different! lol, but we're re-using bedding)

This time though, we are going to do something fun with the walls. With DS, we just painted and left them plain, with a few little pieces of art. This time DH is painting a group of tall trees along one wall! The room is a very neutral color, and the trees will be brown. It's hard to describe, but you won't see the tops of the trees, just the trunks, branches and leaves. not sure why, but this is SO exciting to me! We are also ordering this beautiful leaf mobile off of etsy. So maybe we are doing a theme - trees!?!

What all do you have planned for bedding, baby's corner/nurseries? I know we've seen a few bedding sets, but if anyone has pics, please share! (I wish I did - right now it is more of a masking tape jungle than a tranquil forest in there) Smile

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We are using the same bedding, which is frogs and other pond life. The dominant colors are green and yellow. Our walls are yellow and our nursery furniture is white. We haven't started decorating just yet but when we do I'll post pics.

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No theme right now. I was kind of thinking of doing a blue whale fabric for the bedding...I keep changing my mind though so who knows what it'll end up as. Right now I'm waiting to see what size I'm going to be sewing the sheets before I buy anything. He'll be in our room, which is blue and brown, so I want something that will coordinate with it a little.
For DS right now we have blue camo. DH wants green camo when we move him out of his toddler bed. We'll see. I was thinking of compromising with a nature/outdoors theme. I definitely want their bunk bed (for DS1 and the baby eventually) to be cherry and we'll get a cherry dresser or two for them to share. BUT I think it'd be more fun to do trucks...DS1 *loves* trucks. I know he'd outgrow it faster but that's fine cause I like redecorating every few years anyways.
My girls have white furniture and then their room is done in brown, pink and purple with flowers. It's been that way 2.5 years now and I am thinking this Christmas we'll try to find something else. Their tastes are different so I'm hoping to find bedding they each like but still coordinates (for instance, DD1's favorite color is pink and DD2's is blue, they both like flowers and butterflies and that though so hopefully it won't be too hard)

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Yay for getting started on the nursery! So exciting :-). It definitely makes the whole thing seem more real... we are actually going to have babies before too much longer! Pretty crazy. I think the tree theme sounds really cool- can't wait to see pictures!

We are also doing blue and brown. I found the bedding at a consignment sale. It's not my favorite thing ever, but the price was fantastic and I knew I wanted blue and brown, so I grabbed it. Right now it's still packed away, but hopefully not for too much longer! The nursery (and DD's room) are in the process of being painted. The prep is done (there was A LOT to do... remember we're renovating and this house hasn't been updated in 30+ years). The trim is painted, and the walls are primed. Wall color will go on sometime between tomorrow and Monday (it was supposed to be done by tomorrow, but we had some unexpected set backs... like a wallpaper border that WOULD NOT come down without a fight!)

The nursery is going to be brown/beige (not totally sure how to describe it) with two blue stripes as an accent. I will definitely post pics once it's done. The carpet is being installed tomorrow, so we're pretty excited about that! As soon as the kids' rooms are done, DD is getting her big girl bed and we'll set the crib up in the nursery. My brother is going to paint the new dresser I got for DD (well, new to us, not actually new) and once that's done, the dresser that matches the crib will also move to the nursery. So we are slowly moving in the right direction! I can't wait until it's all finished!

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Sounds like sum really great themes Smile we are doing nautical blues and browns I found a great deal on bedding and luv it Wink ill post pics soon.

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We are going to be turning our guest bedroom into the nursery, but not until after the new year because baby will be in our room in the cradle for the first several months. DD stayed in our room for 6 months, DS stayed in our room for 4 months. We have company coming this fall and need the guest room for a bit once little on is here. I think we are reusing DD's nursery bedding... unless I can talk DH into letting me sale it and DS's nursery bedding to buy new stuff for the newbie, which would be my dream choice, but I'm not sure that is going to happen... DD's bedding is yellow with pink and green dots on it. I haven't even thought about what we'll do in the nursery with the walls yet though. Would like to do colors that match, but those are the same colors that we have in DD's big girls' room... so, I don't want them to look the same. Sigh...

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We are doing race cars. It has blues, brown, greens, yellow, and red. I think we are going to paint the walls yellow. I'm going to work on cleaning the other room out a little today and hopefully start moving some stuff. I have 90 days to go and nothing done!

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We so haven't even started yet, but this is what I'm thinking...

DD1's room is a dark purple colour, so we're going to get her new white furniture and white bedding with purple polka dots - I think.

New babe is getting DD's hand me down crib and other furniture, the walls will be a really light lavendar colour, and we're getting white bedding with red ladybugs on it.

I'll take pics once we get somewhere with all this!

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We don't really do themes. We will be using the same bedding we've been using since DS#1 was born in 2004. It's held up quite nicely. Smile

I just need to empty the various stuff that's accumulated in the crib, move a couple of big furniture items out of our room and into the nursery to make room in our room for the bed side sleeper. Oh, and we need to get that out of our storage and set it up, then I'll be all set. Smile With the exception of diapers.... need to start collecting some of those. :confused:

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For this baby we are doing a ducky theme. Smile

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For the first while the baby will be in my room, till at least she sleeps all night, that's usually when they get moved to their own rooms. My room isn't anything special, however, since we're now going to have 3 girls, and they're all young, they will share a room for a while till we're able to find a bigger place. The girls room right now is a nice purple with pink trim, decorated with Tinkerbell border and wall stickers. Heather & Hailey have their names on the wall in big wooden letters painted with the same pink paint that we did the trim, so they stand out. Bedding isn't anything that goes with the theme, except Heather does have a Tinkerbell bed set. We do have pinks/purples etc sheets and blankets, so it all goes, but not all of it is Tinkerbell based.