OB appt today and more

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OB appt today and more

My appt went well today. I saw my regular doctor this time and the poor guy was exhausted. The other doc had an emergency so he had twice the load today. He is keeping me on modified rest at this point probably till the end of the pregnancy. I can still work as long as I stay off my feet and relax when I get home. He did say I was not allowed to teach my horseback riding lessons at all until the baby is born. He is afraid having to go catch, groom, saddle etc will start contractions again. He did say as long as I just assist I can still help with the 4 H group. He confirmed I do have an anterior placenta, but he is actually glad said he think it will help me with this pregnancy especially cause I have such a bad back. What was cool he showed me how to cup and press down on my belly thou so I can feel the baby move despite the placenta being in the way. The best news he gave me....I've only gained 8 lbs so far...woohoo. The only thing I have to do is go buy some fiber supplements cause of the diarrhea to try to stop that.

I do feel much better today I am positive it was a stomach bug I had. I am glad we do have a 4 day holiday weekend thou. I did have some sweet justice at work today. If u remember the whole story about those show choir people and the trouble they were giving me. Well my principal work out a plan w them to teach during the kids study halls over the next few weeks. Well today they went to rehearse and since he can't force the kids to miss study hall if they have work to do, over half the kids took off and chose not to participate. Including the pta presidents daughter( the lady that brought these people in and hired them). My 8th grade apparently took a vote against doing it at all..which as pleasing as that is to me I have to yell at them because its not appropriate. None the less these women think they r so wonderful and that they were going to make ME look bad cause the kids would b so excited to sing POP songs which I refuse to do. They wasted the 3 weeks I gave them in my classroom and now.its all blowing up in their faces. Yes its mean but as they say Karma will bite you and these ladies got bit hard.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter weekend with their families!

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Glad your appt. went well. It's a bummer about the modified bed rest, but I'm sure it will be worth it in the end. How neat that he showed you a way to feel the baby even though you have an anterior placenta.

I had to laugh about the work thing...karma really is a "B"

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You must have one special dr to take the time to show you that despite being overworked and exhausted.

It is amazing to me how many ppl don't get that kids actually crave consistency. Those other ladies thought they could come in and be cool and loved for it, but your kids know what they love.

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Glad your appt went well. You must have a great dr.

Glad that everything is working out at work. I know it makes you feel better.