Officially nesting!

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Officially nesting!

I have this strange need to go and buy 100 teeny tiny hangers for the baby's room. I got out some of the itty bitty clothes from DS, made 3 lists of different 'stuff' we need before September (baby's room, general baby needs, DS's room) and deep cleaned the pantry (random, i know!)

There is one more storage bin of baby clothes, binkies, blankets, etc that I need to get to in the garage, but it is WAY too high for me to reach. I actually contemplated moving cars around in the garage so I could stand on top of one to reach it (FIL borrowed our ladder)! That's what finally tipped me off that this may be hormonal haha!

Anyone else nesting yet? I feel like this happened earlier last time around...I was getting worried that I might not nest at all this time!

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You go girl!!!

That was me last weekend. I went through the first 2 bags of baby clothes (newborn-6months). They are now hanging in baby's closet (even though I will have to take them all down and wash them in a few months). I organized the beanies and socks. Put the bottles in the kitchen cupboard, and shopped online for new parts for my breast pump. A little early for all of the above, but I had fun and now its done Biggrin

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Totally doing the nesting thing here....completely cleaned the garage out last weekend, this weekend is the basement. I have a whole list ready to go of things I plan on doing in the next few weeks, especially when schools out. Believe it or not the garbage men got mad at me cause I left a huge pile for them to pick up this past week. I was like really, its called spring cleaning....

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Painting dd's room was obsessive, I couldn't stop working on it.

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I have been, which has actually amazed me because it didn't happen until much later with my other kids Lol
I went through ALL of our girl clothes and just saved 1 rubbermaid bin of stuff they've outgrown (and of course the stuff DD1 has outgrown but not DD2 yet). I've felt an overwhelming desire to go get the plastic 'drawers we're going to be keeping baby's things in so I can get organized but haven't made it yet...maybe this weekend?

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I've been in organization mode big time, but if I do too much I get in trouble with the pg police, aka my husband and my mother, lol.

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I love having things organized- don't care for the work, but love the after effect! So I've already went through clothes- very therapeutic! It won't be until I'm deep cleaning the bedrooms that I'll be in nesting mode!

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I wish I was nesting! I'm still in exhaustion mode. Although I am starting to get the itch to plan/make freezer meals and baked goods. Maybe I'll get the urge to do something else once some of the renovations are done and I actually CAN! Lol!

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I went through a couple of days of it then had to work so I've been to exhausted. It's funny that you mention the hangers though. I was just telling DH the other day that I need to go buy some so I could hang the clothes up. He's talking me out of it since we still have to paint and I'll just have to pull them down for that and to wash them.

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maybe if I was nesting I would get some stuff done around here Smile