Officially our last (XP)

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Officially our last (XP)

I took DH to his big V appointment yesterday. My dad came over in the morning to start watching the boys. We left for the city (1 hour away) about 10:30am. We got there and had lunch, then did our Costco run, went for smoothies at the mall and then headed to his appointment. We wanted enough time in case we got lost. They called us right when we pulled into the parking lot to see if he wanted to come in early. That cracked us up. We were 30 minutes early, but they got us right in (after paperwork).

I felt kinda bad for him. It was like I was taking my dog in to be fixed, only he actually had a BIG CLUE as to what was going to happen. DH said "I'm doing this for you." and I said "Well, for you, too, right?" Just wanting to make sure we were both on the same page. He said that he could have been done with 2 and he's happy with 3.

So, he went through with it. I'm kinda sad to think it's done and over with.. but I had a difficult pregnancy (not by medical standards, but bad morning sickness, utter exhaustion, weird thoraxic spasms that mimicked heart palpitations, etc) and I really don't think I could go through another delivery like that one. That was way too difficulty on my body. It's just strange that once you make the final arrangements you start to wonder "what if we are supposed to have another baby?!" Lol

So my next Depo shot is due in May. Everything says 3 months and then verify with SA that it took, but they gave him a cup to bring a sample to the lab 6 weeks out. We are thinking that since my next shot is 2 months away, that we may just risk it that month. We both know I'm not fun to be around when I'm on hormones. Lol

My first two babies I got AF back just after 8 months. But I wasn't on Depo then. We shall see. But unless God has other plans, we are officially done.

Just wanted to get that out of my system and I KNOW he didn't want me posting about it on FB. Wink

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Glad you were able to come to a peaceful decision about it. Hope his recovery is quick and painless!

Congrats on your family of five! Biggrin

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Glad the appt went well. DH wants It done but I want one more so I'm doing everything I can to delay the process. I dunno why I feel do strongly about but I'm thinking once these two hit 2 I may rethink the whole thing!

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And of course I had a dream about delivering another baby last night! The dream was ONLY about the delivery. But it wasn't like an "I didn't know I was pregnant" episode. It was like we knew the whole time that it was coming. We were laboring for a little while and it was just him and me and my mom for a bit in the room and then he and mom left and a nurse came in to mess with the IV and the baby started coming and she didn't have time to call anyone and I ended up catching the baby myself! I was PISSED to no end with DH and my mom and.... Lol

I had enough time while laboring to write a written request for a bedside nurse for the first 12 hours after delivery to watch me for the "seizures" that I had last time. I woke up right after the baby was out, though, so don't know if that request was fulfilled or not. Lol

I'm not expecting these dreams to go away until we know for sure that the bigV took. :roll:

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Poor DH is suffering from complications.

During the stitching on one side, DH says something "snagged". He doesn't know what really happened cause the doc didn't say anything. But the doc, instead, got real quiet and kept working.

Today (3 days post procedure), I got a call from the Urologist's office. They were returning his call. I was confused as I didn't know he called them. I took the kids to MIL's for the week so he could recover in peace. So I called him to find out what's going on. Turns out he's really swollen on that one side and still feels like he's been kicked really hard. Sad

I told him to go in if he thinks it needs to be looked at and not to be too "proud" or embarrassed about it. I hope he goes in.

A part of me feels bad that I made him go through with this. But I know it's not my fault. My poor baby. Sad

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I'm so sorry that he's having complications! I hope he goes in and that it's nothing serious. As far as how long it takes before you're in the clear, I think six weeks is more accurate than three months. DH had his about seven weeks ago, had one check last week and the second check today, and both were negative, so it officially worked. So I would think that you'd be okay to not get that Depo shot in May. I don't blame you for not wanting to keep going with it- I've been using the mini pill and I hate it, so I'm happy to be able to ditch it!