Oh gosh... Update.

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Oh gosh... Update.

I'm starting a new thread because I'm typing from my phone and it won't let me edit previous posts if they're too long (won't let me scroll)

The dr just came by and told me the plan. Next week, at 36 weeks she will check my cervix to see if it seems "favorable" for delivery (dilating, soft, etc) if it is they will induce me right then (at 36 weeks!) :eek: If not then they will wait till 37 weeks to induce me. She made no mention of the amnio.

I'm devastated. They won't even let me get to 37 weeks! I asked what if things continue how they are (bp, bloodwork, protein levels) will they still induce and she said they dont know when things will take a turn for the worse and they'd rather plan the induction than have an emergency situation on their hands.

I know I'm a FTM and some people may say I'm young at 26 years old but I'm having trouble going against the doctors. This is what they presented to me and it's going to go into action in exactly one week.

I will go against them but I know my family won't agree. I'm going to speak to my SO and we'll come up with the best decision for us.

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I would ask more questions. I agree that if your BP and everything is ok, you should be able to go one more wk to make it to term. At least she didn't mention the amnio again. I hope you and your SO can find the answers you need.

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I'm sorry Sonia. I know how it is to be a first-time mom facing an early induction and not really knowing what to do.

Did your doctor say why they changed the plan from 36 to 37 weeks? I wish I had refused my induction at 34 weeks but luckily he turned out to be very healthy for that gestation. There does come a point though when baby is better off outside than in. For my induction I don't think we were at that point but for you it may be. Try and get the doctor to explain things more to you so you know why the decisions are being made and don't be afraid to refuse the induction if you feel that it's not absolutely necessary.

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I don't have anything to add.... but :bigarmhug: We are thinking of you, dear.

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Sending you :bigarmhug:

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I hope they let you stick it out to 37 weeks. Hang in there, its almost over.

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I hope you find a solution!

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i hope they let you make it to 37 weeks. you're in the hospital already, they will know pretty quickly if things even look like with will turn(i would figure) then they could induce then. but i'm no dr, that's probably just would ask. good luck!

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I'm so sorry that you have to deal with this! You will find the courage to do the right thing for you and Thalia, whether it's going against the doctor's recommendation, or going along with it. Is there any chance that you could request a second opinion from another doctor? Maybe that would help you and SO make the decision, and feel more comfortable with whatever you decide.

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So sorry for the added stress. KUP on what happens.

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It sounds like you are at the point where they think the baby will be better off out than in.

I was concerned about doing an induction very early because of all the horror stories of them stalling because the mom wasn't ready. I was told that it would probably take 1-2 days. They would have checked me, if favourable started the picotin and if not started with ripening the cervix and then going to picotin.

Depending on how serious your situation is, if you held out of being induced and tried to wait until an emergancy, they might not bother to induce but go straight to emergancy c-section.

I was told that I had a higher chance of needing a section and having it impact the baby due to complications the longer they waited than I was with being induced/NICU stay.

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