ok here goes ( sorry in advance)

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ok here goes ( sorry in advance)

ok sorry i haven't posted lately life has been outta control busy, had my 20 wk u/s last wk. it started out that i was excited that the brain looked great Smile (( if u remember my son has a rare brain anomaly and has heart defect aswell as some other issues)) baby doesn't have the same anomaly as sky from a neurological point Smile but we were unable to get a good view of the heart so i have been refferred for a fetal echo scan to in depth check babys heart (still waiting for a date).. the tech wouldnt awnser any questions which i understand but it was still frustrating. but after a 1.5 u/s i was done and off i went.
well I got a call sayinging i have placenta previa and i need to go on bed rest (like that is possible) i work fulltime and have a very busy schedule with all skylers therapys and trips to the hospital. the dr said i can still do light things but absoloutly no work as im a heavy equipment operator so friday is my last day Sad have any of you ladies had this b4?
and for my next part of news .... they found a calcium mass in babys upper abdomen (they have not said what it is) and also noted a promlem with the esophugaus (sp) i have to go for a detailed u/s for a diagnosis . I m sorry to be soo whinny im just scared and stressed my son has had 17 surgical pocedures in 7 yrs and the thought of this baby needing to go thru something similar terrifies me. i know it sounds selfish but for the first time ever sky has no surgeries upcoming i feel like im entering into a unknown territory again and im scared. I know im jumping ahead but my mind is getting the best of me. have any of you ladies heard of this? I keep telling myself God wont give me something i cant handle but i still feel overwhelmed Sad my so and i have talked lots and he has been very supportive (he has been my rock:) ) but i feel kinda at a loss.. i am thankfull it is nothing neurological but still somehow feel cheated .. sorry to vent (sorry bout my horrible puncuation and spelling) thanks for listening

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Oh my, you have a lot on your plate right now. I can totally understand why you're feeling what you're feeling. I'm sure this must be a scary and frustrating time for you, but hopefully everything will turn out ok.

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You have every right to he scared. We are here for.you to get all your feelings out and be there for support. Bedrest with placenta previa is normal. Once the baby hits a certain weight he pushes down on the placenta more and more. With it being over your cervix it can cause lots of.complications and be really dangerous. Rest as much as you can so this little one can come out as healthy as possible. KUP on what the doctors.say at your appointments....ill be praying for you.

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That's alot to deal with, my heart breaks for you. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Please keep us posted!

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I think with previa modified bed rest (resting some but also moving around) would be ok. Just don't do laundry or any other lifting. Try not to bend over, either.

That sounds so hard to be dealing with. I know my lo has a calcium deposit on the heart but it isn't really a concern as it happens often and goes away before birth. I hope your baby's stomach will be ok.

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I'm so sorry you are dealing with all of this. We are here for you to vent whenever you need to.
I had marginal placenta previa with DS. I was on pelvic rest since it wasn't completely covering my cervix. I also had a desk job so I was able to sit during work. I'm sorry that you are having to go on bed rest. I know what a PITA that is. Did you dr say there was a possibility of the previa resolving on it's own?

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Whine here whenever you need too! This is why we are all here! I am sorry that you are having to deal with all of this. I will pray that everything turns out to be ok and baby is healthy. ((HUGS))

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That's a lot to deal with- I'll be thinking of you and your little one and hoping for the best. Keep us posted!

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I don't have anything to offer other than prayers and hugs. :bigarmhug:

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Sending hugs!

I am glad there was a least some good news and GREAT news regarding Skyler.

My thoughts on your post is that we are never given anything that we can't handle. I truly believe that. That fact that you are nervous is natural and shows how strong you are.

I hope you enjoy your rest to spend time with family and take time for yourself.

We will be thinking of you!

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Thank you all for your kind words and hugs, I will keep u all updated when I know more. And thank u again for listening to me vent. U ladies r the best. (Hugs)

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:bighug: I hope everything works out for you. It is definitely a scary thing. I hope you get good news at your next scan.