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so i just commented on another thread and after it loaded, i briefly noticed my ticker on my comment. i did a double take and was momentarily shocked! it said baby is 10"!! :eek: yesterday it was only 6!! then i looked again and realized it was 10" head to feet LOL oh ok, that makes sense HAHA that does mean then that my babies legs are 4" long! that thought alone makes we weep up LOL i remember my last ultrasound i had where i cried at the htought that the babies had little stubs lOL

So two things, it wednesday! how the heck did i FORGET that wednesday are my "step up" day LOL usually that is the first thing i check out on wednesday morning when i wake ticker Biggrin must be all my excitement for NOT waking up during the night to pee for the first time in 4 months Yahoo

the second, i find it amazing that we have a 10" being cuddled up in our bellies and we feel basically nothing more than occasional fluttering, well, and i feel the pressure on my bladder too LOL

Pregnancy is amazing!

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I know its crazy how fast they grow!

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I agree. We will be delivering before we know it!

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Agreed! I keep thinking I am barely pregnant- that I just got my BFP and I still have a long way to go. But then I remember I'm already past 17 weeks, and realistically, I'm almost halfway done! Whoa.

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LOL- yeah, it's easy to get caught up in day-to-day things and forget when you bump up to the next week!

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Yes, the time is going by so fast...

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Isn't it sweet!!? I just love it. And man I hear ya about the nightly trips to the bathroom. The last week I am up every hour! Silly bladder.