One month check up for the twins.

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One month check up for the twins.

The babies had their one month appt today and both are doing great. Brad has gained 2lbs and 2oz (5lbs 5oz when we left the hospital, he's 7lbs 7oz) and Kaylee is up 1lb 10oz (was 4lbs 10oz leaving the hospital now is 6lbs and 4oz). They both grew an inch each as well. The doctor believes Kaylee spitting up is due to acid reflux so we are going to try her on medication. Question, I'm nervous to medicate this young, did anyone else treat this young? I can't believe my babies are already a month old, time flies when you are having fun Smile

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Hurray for growing babies! Time to update your ticker! Wink

I don't have personal experience with reflux meds, but I know it isn't uncommon for young babies to need them.

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DD1 was on Zantac from age 1 week until 7 months - I see no problem with it!