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Am I being totally irrational and letting my anxiety get the best of me? DH glued my daughter's plastic stroller together again because the handle broke. I forgot that it was still drying and grabbed it to move it. I went to smell my hands because it was wet ( I don't know why that was my first reaction, to smell my hands???!!!!!) but I got a nasty whiff of the super glue he used. I tried to flush out my nose thinking I am going to cause brain damage in this baby. Is this something serious that I should mention to the OB at my appointment on Friday??

Oh let the anxiety begin once again in this pregnancy!!:(

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I don't think one whiff of the glue is going to do any damage. I think you need more exposure than that. And I think it would be more likely to cause damage to you before the baby. But I totally understand the paranoia ;-).

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I agree, I think you're fine. One sniff of the glue isn't going to hurt the baby at all. I think worrying and anxiety comes with the territory unfortunately.

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I would think you would have to do it repeatedly over a span of time to cause any harm to baby Smile but I totally understand where your coming from. I've been such a worry wart this time around!