Operation SLEEP IN CRADLE has begun

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Operation SLEEP IN CRADLE has begun

Thats it..I'm done. I need this precious bundle OUT OF MY BED! My back hurts from sleeping in one position all night. My arm hurts from cradling her all night. I am not sleeping well, and every time I wake up and find her to close, or her head covered I have a heart attack cause I think she's not breathing. I desperately want to sleep on my stomach, but cant with her there.

So starting RIGHT NOW she is going to sleep in the cradle. I got her to sleep in for about 45 minutes on the weekend. That was a record. I've taken the rockers off so it doesn't move. We've gone back to swaddling. I even put a little U shaped roll around her head so she doesn't startle herself into the wooden side (what woke her up last time). I know the roll isn't SIDS approved, but neither is her sleeping smooshed up into me in bed.

I just need to have the strength to keep it up at night...it is easier to lie down with her, and while I love the snuggles, we both need our own space. So even if I have to settle her a hundred times tonight, I will do it. I hope.

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Ha! So funny you posted this b/c I started this two nights ago! I am transitioning from a swing. She's done really well so far. I put the boppy in the bassinet so she feels cradled and my shirt so she has my smell with her. I let her fall asleep with me and once she is really out I put her in the bassinet. The first night she slept from 1 til 5:30 (it took two hours to get her down) and then til 9. Last night she slept from 11:30 til 3:30, then 6:30, then 8:30. I'd say it is going well.

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My girls are finally in their cosleeper. I moved them out about 8 days ago and so far so good. I'm still not getting a ton of sleep, but they arent in my bed!

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Well, she slept for about an hour and five minutes this afternoon. Woke up, and wouldn't settle in the cradle, so I ended up putting her in the swing (I had things to do!) and she has been asleep in there for the last hour and half.

Considering sleeping out in the living room on the couch tonight so we don't disturb DH too much. If she's going to need to be resettled every hour I will feel bad for disturbing him when he has to go to work in the morning.

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Good luck. I hope the transition goes well.

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Good Luck ! I went through this with DD1, you can do it, just dont give in.

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Good luck! You can do it! I had started transitioning Ronan to his crib (he's been sleeping in the bouncy seat) but then DH has been home from work the last few days and our regular schedule got all messed up. So now I have to start over! But honestly I'm just happy he's sleeping at all at this point.

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I hope the transition goes well!!!

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Weel two nights in a row se has slept for 4 straight hours in the cradle. 12/1 am to 4/5 am, then up to feed. I've been able to put her back in the cradle, but she doesn't sleep as soundly after her one long stretch at night. This is the same as when she was in our bed, she's on and ff the boob from about 5 am on. Of course, when she was in bed with me i would basically sleep with her on the boob for those few hours, the last two nights I haven't, so I am basically running on about 4 hours of sleep a day for the past couple. Had plans the last 2 days as well, so there was no napping for me.
H has just gone down for her nap, and I am getting A ready to sleep, and i may let her nap in the swng today cause I am tired! I need a sleep too!!