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some stuff for DS and the LO from Carter's today. I got Coby the big brother that matches Carter's onsie and bib and 2 more shirts. Got Carter a 5 pack of onsies, a sleeper, and another onsie. Now, with a Little Layette purchase you get 15% off everything. If you spend over $40, use the promo code SOCUTE, and get another 20% off. I promised DH I wouldn't buy anything else for Carter for a while. Especially clothes.

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Nice!!! Its hard to not to spend a fortune in that store everything is soooooo cute!!!!!

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Yay for you!!!

I have purposefully been deleting all the sale e-mails I have been getting from my fav kids stores over the past week: Carters, Osh-Kosh, Children's Place, Gymbo, Crazy 8... This baby has enough clothes already... and I can't spend any more money on clothes for the other two for a month or two. I HATE passing up really good sales though.

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As soon as they get here I will post some pics!!!

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I can't wait to see pics. I did some damage at Carter's last week but now I have this stamp thing so I have a discount to use there in the near future. I'm trying not to be too bad since I have so many of Brandon's clothes, but it's hard, lol.

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Good job!