Other mamas not feeling much baby?

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Other mamas not feeling much baby?

Alright, I figure I would do another movement thread...

So, last night, I thought I felt a little "shimmy" or wiggle, but nothing since. I mentioned before that I have a tipped uterus so this could be why (although I swear I felt me second way earlier)

Anyone who hasn't felt much of anything yet? Prudence-are you feeling baby yet? I know we are in the same boat.

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I haven't been feeling the baby much either, but at my US last week the US tech said give it a week or 2. then you should feel the little one more.

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This baby is def lazier than my other two. I swear we were already feeling baby move on the outside by now! But I get very few random movements during the day. Sometimes nothing all day and then when I lay perfectly still I get a POW. Other than that. Nah!

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Im not feeling nearly as much as I did with my boys. My second I was already seeing movement from the outside by now, he was a major wiggler!! I just keep telling myself it means this baby will be super calm lol. I only really feel a couple kicks here and there, never a bunch of movement. Last week I had one day where it felt like the baby had hiccups for about 20 min, it seemed really odd but thats really what It felt like. I don't recall the boys getting hiccups until much later.

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I haven't felt much here either. There have times when I thought I felt something but I wasn't sure if it was baby or not. I am not too worried about it though because I am overweight which can result in movements being felt later. The heartbeat was good at my appointment on Tuesday and my u/s is next week.
I have very few times ever that I am be able to sit and concentrate; so that could have something to do with it too. There could be a lot going on and I am just not paying enough attention.

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Aw, you remembered me Smile

I am just now feeling SOMETHING and it's not often... I figure by 20-21 weeks, I'll feel movement definitely and that seems to be the norm for me Smile

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I'm still not feeling that much either yet. I know he's moving around in there cause when I listen to the doppler he is all over the place. My doc told me at 20 weeks he thought I would start to feel more by 22 but cause of my placenta I may not until even up to 32 weeks. Which I hope he is wrong cause that will just suck. I do feel amd occasional kick here and there especially when I'm at work leaning over playing the piano. I notice on certain songs he kicks so I think he is either mad I'm squishing him lol...or likes the song.

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I still only feel the light flutters and movements that are only slightly different than indigestion :rolleyes: With my 1st I was depressed by this point because I hadn't felt much and everyone online seemed to feel kicks and movement so strongly.

According the u/s, my 1st moved more and I never felt anything strong until the last tri.