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I woke up to a huge charley horse in my calf muscle this morning...so much for sleeping in! I know muscle cramps aren't uncommon in pregnancy but I didn't have this problem last ime. Anyone know how to prevent this? Am I missing something in my diet?

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I know that leg cramps can be from low potassium, I try and eat bananas and dried banana chips daily Biggrin

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I've been having the same problem! It is driving me crazy! I didn't have this with my first pregnancy either. I've been eating bananas since they're supposed to help (even though I really don't like them very much) but so far no change :-(. I think drinking more water can help too... it can be related to dehydration. Good luck! If you figure out something that works, let me know!

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Bananas for sure. And Tonic Water...the quinine in tonic water helps tremendously with cramps. I remember getting the worst calf cramps with DD2, I just wanted to filet my leg to not deal with them anymore. Cramps suck so bad.

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I had a mild one yesterday morning. I guess I need more water AND more bananas in my diet!

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One thing is don't stretch your leg out with your toes pointed. Point your foot up when you stretch your legs out. I had them really bad last time, and have already started getting cramps this time. If I even start to stretch with my toes pointed I can feel it coming on.

Last pregnancy I remember waking up on night screaming "it hurts! it hurts! it hurts!" because my leg hurt so bad. Scared my husband, but he was able to rub it to work it out.

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I also found besides potassium and water, that calcium and magnesium helped me a LOT last pregnancy with them. I used to wake up nearly screaming at night. Blech.

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I've been getting them too and didn't get them the first time around. Funny how they happen only at night.

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I havent had one yet, but I've had the "threat" pain of them if you kwim.

Its worse when Im not drinking enough, so Im trying to drink enough to drown a horse, plus I eat a banana every night before bed and that seems to help as well.

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I've had a lot of cramps but nothing as bad as I did last time. The biggest change I made this time is I make sure to stay hydrated...last time I didn't drink nearly enough water. I think the bananas also help too (I usually put one in my daily smoothie).

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i get them alot. extra postassium and calcium. the foot flex(point toes toward you) that others mentioned for me when i feel the threat of one coming on can make it not happen at all. usually even the instant threat make me wake up. as even during the day try not to point your toes when you stretch. good luck