Our birth story....long!!

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Our birth story....long!!

Here are the pertinent details...

Audrey Elizabeth
Born October 1, 6:10 am
40 weeks 5 days
7 lbs 1 oz
19.5 inches

I was hoping to be induced Friday morning as I was incredibly miserable and ready to be done! I called L&D and was basically told no way. I was so upset, more so by the way the charge nurse spoke to me (not a fan of mine on a good day at work, so I'm not really surprised). Went over to my girlfriend's for breakfast with Hailey, and we ended up staying there all morning playing and had lunch there too. Came home for naptime, and my dad called. He had a business trip to Switzerland booked, and was flying out Saturday around 5:30 pm, and was really hoping to see the baby before leaving. I felt so bad that it didn't look like he would get to meet his newest grandchild until he gets back in 2 weeks. At 2:20 pm the charge nurse called me back to say it really wasn't looking good for that day, but that I could call that evening after shift change to see what was happening. I think she felt bad for being so nasty to me earlier!

I lay down to have a nap, and literally 10 minutes later had a pretty hefty contraction. And then another 10 minutes after that. They continued every 10 minutes for about an hour, at which point Hailey was up, and we had made plans to go to the park with the same friends from the morning. We got ready to go, and walked to the park. They continued about every 8-10 minutes, but I wasn't really getting excited, as this had happened countless times over the last 2 weeks! Once we were at the park we noticed a really dark and ominous cloud mass approaching quite rapidly, so we cut out trip short, and headed home. My friend had both dogs, and I was pulling the 2 2-year olds in the wagon, and we were going at quite a clip as the weather was getting worse and worse. By the time we got home the contractions were about 4-5 minutes apart. Nothing like half running while pulling 60 lbs of toddler uphill to get things going!

Around 5:45 pm they were consistently 3 minutes apart, and I went down to talk to DH (he was plastering drywall in the basement). I said I wasn't sure that this was "it" but that I couldn't parent and do this at the same time! We made the decision to call my parents to come get H and the dog. They live a little over an hour away, so my mum hopping right in the car and headed down. Fed H dinner, and DH played with her while we waited. My mum arrived, took H and the dog, and we decided to hold out for a couple more hours and see what happened. I noticed that if I sat down they spaced out to 4-5 minutes apart, but if I stayed on my feet they were 2-3, lasting at least a minute. I was managing well, just doing a lot of deep breathing. We watched some tv (big bang theory and CSI from the night before) and at 10 pm I told DH to have a shower. I was finishing getting things into the bag to go, and the contractions were getting stronger. I went into the bathroom after DH got out of the shower to tell him I was ready to go, and the guy had started shaving! I said "any time you're ready princess, we can go!". When H was born he had just come in from 4 hours of snow blowing and never got to have a shower, and he thinks he looks greasy in all the pics, so this time he wanted to look good!

We got to the hospital at around 11:30 pm, and there was a line up at triage!! 2 ladies in front of me registering. When it was my turn, all 8 triage beds were full! I had to wait for someone to get moved to a labour room to even get a spot! We had a giggle about that as I was labouring at the check in desk! I got into a triage room, and the nurse checked me. I was 3 cm, 50%, which was better than the fingertip I was two days before. I told them I definitely wanted the epidural, so they did their best to get me a labour room asap. We still ended up waiting till about 3 am to be moved. By then the contractions were very intense, and I was vocalizing a bit to get through them. Got moved to my room, and the same doc who did my epidural last time came in. This woman is a star, she had the epidural in within about 2 minutes of starting. I had the same problem with it as last time, it took on the right, but not the left, so I still felt almost everything, just on my left side.

At 4:20 the resident broke my water, and said I was 4 cm and 90% effaced. At 4:45 am my own OB walked in, even though we had told her to stay home till closer to delivery. She said she could stay once she knew I had come in, and had to see how I was doing herself. Benefits of delivering where you work! She checked me and I was 5, and she easily stretched me to 7 cm right there. She said she would check me in an hour. DH curled up to have a snooze, and I tried to nap, but between still feeling contrations, and having to change positions every 15 minutes to make the baby happy I didn't sleep. At 5:50 my nurse came in because the baby was having some minor decelarations in heartrate. She thought the baby was moving low, and asked if I was feeling any pressure. I said maybe a tiny bit at the peak of a contraction, but not really. At 6 she called my doc in as the baby had a nice big one and was slow to recover. My doc came in and popped on a glove to check me, and literally barely touched me and said "don't push, don't cough, don't laugh, the head is RIGHT THERE". This was at 6:03 am. It took her 6 minutes to open up all her delivery stuff while DH jumped out of his chair and got the camera ready. At 6:09 we started pushing, I pushed 3 times and she was born at 6:10!

I had a little second degree tear, and thats a little sore. Baby nursed within the first 20 minutes, and did great. All checked out perfectly, and the little arm looks good. She's got full movement, waves it around like crazy. No elbow, but the humerus (upper arm bone) appears intact and the same size as the one on the other side. I was so worried about how it would look, but once we saw it both DH and I were like "oh, that doesn't look bad!". And pretty much we've forgotten about it! She is so flipping sweet, and looks just like her big sister did at delivery. I was shocked at her size, I was sure she would be bigger than Hailey was (she was 7 lbs 10 oz at exactly the same gestation). She is such a little peanut, and really a good baby (unless she's naked, she doesn't like that!).

Nursing is going well, milk came in this morning, and I am full and sore today! But she's feeding less frequently now that she's getting some volume, so thats good. Went into work for a visit and to see the LC, and she's gained an ounce since coming home Sunday morning. Her weight today was 6 lbs 14 oz.

Hailey is a little too in love with her sister, wants to pick her up and hold her and carry her around. She calls her "Augie", its so cute! She's a bit whiny and clingy, and we had a big battle at bedtime tonight where I lost my cool. Sigh. Sleep deprivation will do that do you I guess. I had a cry about it after, but going to try to find some more patience tomorrow, and get in a nap! DH is completely in love, and I am so happy that he's bonding well with Audrey despite all the turmoil of the pregnancy.

Here are some pics! (sorry about size, photobucket is giving me attitude)

Minutes old
Photobucket" alt="" />

With mummy and daddy (I'm looking a little rough!)
Photobucket" alt="" />

First night home
Photobucket" alt="" />

Meeting our dog Maya
Photobucket" alt="" />

Hailey and Audrey
Photobucket" alt="" />

Daddy and his girls
Photobucket" alt="" />

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Congrats on your new baby girl!! Love the pics, she's precious! Our daughter also started acting up at bedtime when we brough Markus home but things are much better now Smile

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1) You're a rockstar, pulling toddlers in a wagon DURING contractions! :eek:
2) LOVE the name! Beautiful!
3) So glad your DH is bonding well! What a relief!
4) Three pushes, wow!
5) CONGRATS!! :wootjump:

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So your Dad got to see the baby!?! What a great story and it certainly sounds like you are a strong woman : )
BTW.. Dh's best friend does not have an ulna or radius bilaterally, the only thing he cant do is go through a drive thru, but he is one of the best golfers you will ever see Biggrin

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Great story!

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Wow, congratulations on your new little girl! What sweet photos.

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Congratulations! So glad everything went well!

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She's adorable, congrats! I'm so glad to hear her arm is doing well and doesn't look too bad!