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The Overdue Club

Good morning! Hope everyone had a great weekend! (long weekend if you are in the States!!)

We had a super-frustrating weekend of false labor and long nights - boo!

I am officially 5 days 'overdue' too. DS was born ON his due date, so this just isn't something I was prepared for! I was handling it ok until this morning. I was pretty uncomforatble last night, and had a few hours of pregnancy insomnia. I am just done! I can't believe my 41 week appointment is tomorrow. Serves me right for saying 'oh, I'll never need this appointment' to my mw's when we were scheduling out my final appts a few weeks ago! ha!

BTDTs: what did you do to help pass the time while you were/are overdue?? Anyone else here with me right now? (I don't think so, but just double-checking) Smile

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I was overdue with DD1 by 3 days. I just cleaned house and took naps and cooked and stuff like that to help pass the time.

Hoping labor starts soon!

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I'm right there with you, Katie!

New experience for me, too, since DD was born at 39w4d (or earlier if you went by O date).

We were pretty much ready for the baby a week ago, so there isn't a lot of baby-stuff to do. I'm trying to just keep the house picked up, vacuum, organize the mess of papers on the desk, run little errands, etc. But mostly I've been playing solitaire and stalking people on FB. :bwush:

I have a load of laundry in the washer right now. I think as soon as I switch it to the dryer, I am going to go shopping for party favors- DD's 4th birthday party is in a couple weeks, and she'll have a few friends coming. Or maybe I'll put together the bike we got for her. :shrug:

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I went overdue 10 days with DD1. I scheduled lots of lunch dates so I always had stuff to look forward to. I didn't actually have much problem emotionally being late other than everybody phoning to see if I was in labour/assuming i was having the baby if I didn't answer the phone :eek:

Hope it is soon for you!

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Aww I hope something gets started for you too soon.

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Going overdue is its own particular type of torture. With DD I was induced at 41 weeks. DS, as you know, was born yesterday, one day shy of 41 weeks. What did I do to pass the time with both them? Cry a lot. Wink I wish I was kidding on that one, but I'm totally not! In addition, I tried to find ways to distract myself... playdates, having friends over for dinner, etc. That really did help to pass the time. I hope he comes SOON for you!