Oy I've hit the stage...

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Oy I've hit the stage...

when you have to pee every 20 minutes. And it truly feels like you've been in a car for the last 6 hours after drinking a Big Gulp. And when you run to the bathroom you pee for all of 4 seconds. 20 minutes later, lather, rinse, repeat.

We watched a movie Sat night (Battle LA, not horrible for a shoot-em-up alien movie) and I thought DH was going to lose his mind having to pause so often. He's threatening to not take me to see Transformers 3 in the theatre when it opens cause of my pee habits lol.

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ROFL I hear ya!

My DH is super excited about the transformers movie too, but I have zero interest in seeing it. :shrug: Maybe I'll encourage him to call up a friend and have a man-date. Smile

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I wish I could say that I've just hit that stage... for me, with both pregnancies it was pretty much my first symptom! Now I'm in the stage of longing for the day when I don't have to go every ten seconds!

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It's awful! I've managed to make it to 3am before having to pee most nights though so I can't complain too much but during the day I wouldn't be surprised if it's once an hour. I *hate* public bathrooms but I just have no other choice these days.

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I am up @ least every 2 hrs 24 hours a day! My bladder is being abused! ROFL

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I told dh recently that we need to get a mattress topper for our bed. I also told him I think this kid is going to make me pee myself before the pregnancy is done. DD never made me feel that way, this one does it all the time already.

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It was really bad in the first trimester and it's starting to get really bad again.

I normally can go hours without using the bathroom. I used to be able to make the 7-hr drive to my parents without going once. I'm carrying this baby super low though, and he likes to kick/punch (not sure which) my bladder, especially at night so it's making me have to go a lot more than I normally would. I've started going at night which I never do when I'm not pg. I know it's only going to get worse though.

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I'm with Heather, this has been going on forever :rolleyes:

Here is an excerpt from DD1's pregnancy journal

28 weeks
DH: Are you going to the bathroom again?
Me: I go every 1-2 hours and 2-3 hours when I sleep.
DH: I'm glad men don't get pregnant. I'd just slap depends on rather
than get up that much in the night.

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I pee all the time. Really, it has been that way the whole time. I don't feel like it ever let up. I am guessing it is because I am carrying lower this time. We are thinking about going to the movies today to see Cars and then going later this wrekbor next qeek to see Transformers 3. DS is excited about both but I am dreading the bathroom trips.

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i've been peeing all the time since about 5 days after i ovulated. i pee every45 minutes when awake and every 1-2 hours when sleeping. i got excited when 2nd trimester approached cause "they" say you pee less. Not me!

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I peed a lot in the first trimester with my first pregnany, this time it wasn't bad, so I thought I was in the clear.

It probably didn't help that I literally ate half a watermelon last night. A big watermelon. I was in the bathroom hourly from midnight to 6 am.

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I have to pee every 10 mins for like the last 6 months lol if i laugh to hard i feel like im guna pee myself ROFL
its worse at nights tho it seems like i just get comfy then i gotta pee its soooo frustrating

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I don't know what's up with me this pregnancy.

The last one, by now, I was up at least twice a night to go potty. This time, I have yet to have to get up and go potty before 5-6am... it's so strange to me - I wasn't expecting it. I must be carrying differently!!

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lmao! I feel ya. I pee like once an hour. lol sometimes if i just sit up, i feel the urge to pee, and when i lay back a little, the urge goes away. lol dh thinks its intriguing. lol