pacifier use

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pacifier use

When do babies start keeping the pacifier in their mouth? The sucking does help DD2 calm down but unless we hold it it, she either drops it out or hits it out of her mouth within 30 seconds.

DD1 sucked her thumb from the day she was born and could coordinate her thumb to mouth very easily.

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Not too sure, Kaylee can hold it in but not for too long and can find her finger easily but Brad has a hard time keeping it in there. DD1 was able to keep it in there while we were still in the hospital! Every baby is different I guess.

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Kendra was able to keep in her mouth without since the hosital, though she has good day with this and bad days too. On good days she takes the bink out and then puts it back without any help. Biggrin

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Isaiah's starting to keep it in longer, but he still spits it out after a while. Not sure on this, my only baby that took a pacifier so far was DD1 and we actually didn't give her a pacifier until she was already a few months old...I think 3? I would like Isaiah to take one so we'll keep trying Lol

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We have to hold the pacifier in her mouth until she gets a good suck going and then she can hold it in there for quite a while.

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If I remember correctly, I had to help them hold it in for the first week or so, but after that they all got the hang of it. Good luck!