In pain this morning...

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In pain this morning...

So last night I slept horribly. My hips kept aching and falling asleep, so I kept switching sides all night long... and then the sides of my belly were aching too... like in the muscles, deep into the muscles. I hoped that the pain would go away when I got up and started moving around this morning, but the sides of my lower belly are so stinking sore... like I did some major abdominal workout in my sleep and my hips are still aching like crazy too. I'm waddling slowly around the house. I know it's not contractions... just very, very sore muscles. Baby is moving fine this morning too. So, I'm not worried about something being wrong, but when I move the muscles hurt/ache so bad, I want to cry. The kids and I were going to go out this morning to a free kids' activity at the little mini-mall by our house, but I can hardly walk. I think its going to be a movie day instead. I'm going to have to figure out something to help me sleep better. I already have like 5 pillows around me/between my legs at night. My belly and hips have been aching during sleep the last 2 weeks, but never this bad. I think I might have to try sleeping in our guest bed tonight, which is a sleep number bed. I can't keep having bad nights like this and then be able to function during the day, chasing a 2 and 4 year old around the house. I may even resort to tylenol today, haven't taken any this whole pregnancy. I can have extra strength tylenol right? I think that's all we have in the house.

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Sad i dont have most of the aches and pains you have, mine are all pelvic pain, but i know im not sleeping a stitch. i feel for you and i hopey ou get some much needed rest SOON!

Yes you can have extra strength tylenol. i got lucky, i have a big ole bottles of tylenol with codeine which (prescribed recently by a dr who knew i was preggo) is a godsend for my major back aches and headaches.

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I'm SO sorry that you're hurting so much this morning! I am right there with you, although the pain is in a different place. I definitely overdid it yesterday and my lower back has seized up... kept me up half the night, and every time I put weight on my left foot my back feels like it's going to explode. Ahhhh, the joys of pregnancy, right? Wink Hope you feel better!

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My pains started yesterday and I thought it was because I over did it on the weekend. Nope, I am pretty sure the aches and pains have started. Sleep is non-existant because of both the pain and the heat (and I am in Canada so I don't know how the rest of you deal with it).

I hope you feel better!!!

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Sorry about your aches! I am feeling it too. I dont think I get more than 4 consecutive hours of sleep each night. Hmmm, kind of like having a newborn!! I will get up to use the bathroom, adjust the air or fans because I am usually warm at night or simply get comfortable! Then, I have a hard time going back to sleep! Then, the next thing I know, my 2 year old is up at 6:30am:eek:

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I'm there too. I haven't been comfortable in weeks. This kid won't let me lie on my side. Either side, if I do he will kick and push on a nerve which causes horrible pain. So basically I lay sort of propped up on my back.

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So sorry about all the pain. I have a lot of trouble sleeping at night because I have horrible restless leg and am constantly tossing and turning. I do have a lot of pelvic and back pain, but my belly has been ok for the most part. The insane heat isn't helping either ugh. I can't wait until Fall is here, we've finally hit triple digits here and it's no fun at all.

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sorry about all your pain Sad
Hope u get some relief soon!!

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I still feel miserable, but at least DH is home to watch the peeps and he brought me Gummi bears. I think I may have popped something in my pelvis flipping over last night. Feels like I have a catch in my butt.