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so this was probably brought up a few times already, but until its you, you dont fully comprehend.

So for the last 7 weeks or so the muscles on the top inner thigh area has been very sore (groin area?). this morning same thing. i just go up to walk into my coworkers office and now it is NOT muscle pain. It is bone or whatever else is up there. it HURTS to walk and i just took some tylenol. hopefully it helps. so i read that pelvis's, stretch? open up wider. i am no medical expert here LOL so im sorry if my terminology is bad. i am assuming this is normal, however, will this be here until i deliver? My sore belly area already makes me a slow mover, but this makes me feel elderly. lol

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I've had that happen later in pregnancy, but never quite this early. I hope the tylenol works!

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Have you thought of trying yoga? It may help with strengthing and stretching the area. If you have it now, you may be miserable by the end. Try to get some relief. Prenatal massages are great as well!

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I have been experiencing those types of pains for a few weeks. They are still fairly mild and they come and go, but they're there. I remember thinking it was kind of early to have that type of pain. I hope its not a sign of things to come, ouch...

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With my last pregnancy I had really bad pelvic pain. When I got up in the morning I literally walked like a penguin to the bathroom because it hurt to walk normally. Going down the stairs was worse because at that point, I still couldn't move my legs normally and move the pelvic area to go down them. It took sometimes up to an hour to be able to properly walk after waking up. If we went out shopping and spent alot of time walking, the pain was horrible for the next day or 2. There are things you can get/buy although off the top of my head I can't remember what they're called. I think they're pillow type things to sleep with and I think there's also some sort of belt you can get, but it's been a while and i really can't remember :(.

I'm not sure if what I had is the same as what you're experiencing but it almost sounds like what I had, and it started right around this time and it did get worse the farther along I got. Mention it to your DR/MW (whoever you see) at your next appt and they might be able to offer up some suggestions on how to ease the pain or maybe those pillow things to sleep with. Hope it doesn't get much worse for you.

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the pain went away after about 30 minutes, but it came back again about 1:30. It hurts to walk. It not unbearable, but i was thinking the same as you, if its bad now, oy boy what am i in for. though, i do notice that it tends to get worse after i have been sitting for more than 15 minutes or so, which is often at my job. NOTE TO SELF: get up and walk every 15 minutes! i have a "cozy mom" pillow, it is very cozy but some nites i have a very difficult time falling asleep with it so i only use it occasionally. the thought of ME doing yoga makes me chuckle, but i will try it if it helps. perhaps i could find a good video, im sure there are no yoga classes around me. i will definately mention it to my doctor, luckily my appt is next Tuesday.

It is frustrating for me not knowing what the norm is for everything. What did the women do back in the day without the internet! i personally wouldnt be able to get through this without you all :bigarmhug:

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what you are describing sounds like pain i had with my last pregnancy, not yet, but from what i know about my "self diagnosis" says if it happens for one it will most likey happen for next pregnancies...

check out the site. though as of 3.5 years ago when i was trying to express my pain with my first pregnancy it was shrugged off as normal pains of pregnancy and at the time wasn't something really recognized in the us...hence my self diagnosis...and most of the websites on this are foreign sites as well. i'm not having these pains yet but i'm sure i will. and good luck with the tylenol and hopefully it doesn not get worse!

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Thanks. im a self diagnoser too. i would rather googled and hear directly from other than know what im talking about then to call a dr that may just blow me off. this is right in my bikini line, where my leg meets my pantie line. it comes and it goes, sometimes worse, sometimes not. from what i can tell, your site is similar to what i thinking, though i didnt have an official term for it. from what i read, this is pretty early. i just hope we are wrong Smile