Passed tissue

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Passed tissue

I've been bleeding on and off since having dd, but I didn't think much of it since I bled for 8 weeks with dd1. Yesterday I had some cramping and heavier bleeding and this morning there was a large amount of tissue in my pad. I called the midwife and she said my uterus probably finally finished passing what it needed to but if the bleeding comes back heavy (it is very light now), then I need to call. Otherwise I have my 6week PP visit on Tuesday.

Here's to hoping that I'm finally done with bleeding and don't need any interventions.

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I hope that its nothing serious, I hope you dont need any interventions.
cant believe our babies will be 6 wks on tues

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I am at 1.5 weeks and still bleeding major amounts Sad I hope this doesn't last 8 weeks!

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Hope it's nothing serious! I bled 6-8 weeks with my first two too, it's no fun!

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I started bleeding again today and have passed small amounts of tissue. Sad I guess we'll have to go the intervention route, I hope the midwife will give me a script to help push it along rather than want to do a d&c.

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So sorry :-(. Hope it gets resolved quickly!

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Hope it all goes well and its still just left over stuff

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hope everything is ok joni...hugs