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Picky eater

Does anyone else have a picky eater? Andrew will only eat the terrible but typical toddler foods--waffles, hotdogs, chicken nuggets, mac and cheese. I feel like we are rotating between like 5 foods that he eats for every meal! I enjoy cooking and try to get him to eat what we are having or try other things but he refuses to eat. We always just make him what he likes because otherwise he won't eat. I am pretty laid back about it because I figure he is a kid and as he gets older he will like more things but it is frustrating to make him something different every meal. Any advice?

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My oldest daughter is a picky eater and she was from the time we started giving her solids. Once she was onto the food I made us for supper, we expected her to try it but that was really hard. Usually if she didn't want to eat something she had to see it at meals for over 20 or 30 times before she'd try it. I didn't want to make her separate meals so I just decided that she had the option of eating something that required no/minimal extra preparation. I could usually get her to eat cottage cheese, peanut butter and toast, cheese or yogurt. I didn't want her to not eat because she dropped from 30th percentile to 5th percentile when she started moving.

She is almost 5 and is still a really picky eater but she does eat most of what I make for supper.

My youngest tries everything.