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Here is the pics from my ultrasound yesterday......the second one is his face...I call it his Mr. Potato head craccks me up how his body is round and his legs and arms are in a weird position...LOL....the 3rd is my belly at 22 weeks...I also put my 17 week one to compare...not much of a difference.

His profile pic
21 weeks 6 days

looking at you..I call this his Mr. Potato head
21 weeks 6 days face

my 17 week belly
17 weeks 5 days

My 22 week belly....taken today...not much different from 17 weeks...
22 weeks

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Very cute pics, esp. the profile. I can definitely see a difference between your 17 and 22 week pics. You have a nice baby belly there!!!

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aww, look at that handsome little boy!! there is a difference in your belly!

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I agree, I see a difference! Cute pictures!!

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Look @ that sweet boy!
And Mama you have grown! Lookin good!

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You have grown! Love the pictures!

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Thanks Im glad you see Ive grown cause I dont feel it much....It's good to know it looks like it makes me feel better...I still just feel fat...LOL:confused:

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You look great! The pics are super!

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I totally see a difference! TFS the pics!

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Adorable lil guy there!! And yes, there is totally a difference in your belly!!!

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great pics!